Monday, March 31, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Really Don't Understand Google

Yes! Google Do Loves Asia'h Epperson

If you have read my earlier post on Asia'h Epperson been indexed by google, now, here is the surprise. If you go do a search again for this blog, it is totally gone from google result pages. Why? I simply cannot understand. The fact that this blog appeared on google for only 2 days really puzzled me.

I looked around the internet, searching for some information, and apparently, I comes across this term, Google Sandbox. It seems like my blog, Asia'h Epperson, is being sent to the google sandbox and that's why there is no result found when I do a search on it.

What Is The Google Sandbox

Thousands of new blogs or websites appear online everyday and to google, they are totally unaware whether the site is a spam sites or not. So, the logical way for google is to put all the new websites under quarantine for a period of assessment, while Google access whether the site is spam or legit.

The main purpose of Google Sandbox is to target and remove spam sites, but, in actual fact, it is affecting all the new sites. With this system in place, it will actually prevent the new sites from blasting their way to the top of Google search result pages and overtake those quality websites that have been around for years.

Who Goes Into The Sandbox?

Well, in theory, all new websites will goes into the sandbox. But, in reality, nobody knows, because it seems like there are some sites that reported never been sent to the SandBox at all.

How Long Will Your Website Remain In The Google Sandbox?

It depends. There are certain factors that will determine how long you website sit in the Google sandbox. Explanation around the internet is that if your website is focusing on a highly competitive keyword, then it is likely to stay in the sandbox for a longer period. And if the keyword is not very competitive, then the duration will be considerably shorter.

What Do You Do If Your Site Gets Sandboxed?

Wait. There is no other way. You need to be patient for it to comes out of the sandbox.

So, What Now, Asia’h Epperson?

Well, for the time means, I will just keep writing and posting, hopefully, this blog will comes out of the google Sandbox soon. And my aim is still the same, that I am able to get listed on the first page of google for the search key word Asia'h Epperson.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Think Asia'h Epperson Is Happy

Do you think so ?

You see, happiness don't come everyday, we face things that somehow damn our mood daily. Maybe you overslept in the morning, and need to rush for work or school; maybe you have a big argument with your friend or family; maybe you can't complete your work on time; or anything.

But, I always make it a point trying my best to be happy daily. My best friend once commented about me. She said: Asia'h Epperson, how the hell did you remain so happy daily.

Well, actually, the secret is very simple. You either make it your day or ruin it. That really depend on what you want it to be.

Anything that is not smooth for you, try to think of it in a positive way. Anything that can upset you for the day, take it as another challenge throw to you by life. You don’t need to be too upset about these things, think of it this way, it will pass.

I know it is easy to say than done. But, just try your best. Life is too short to be unhappy everyday, if you don’t want to be a sucker, drowning in your sorrow or sad past, thinking about the unhappy stuff, you can change it.

I have been reading up a lot of positive stuff these days. I visited several self-improvement and positive blog, reading their articles and seeing how people commented about how they change their life by putting the points to practice. It is really amazing that people can change for the good and improve the quality of their live, just by reading those comments they left in the post, you can see it.

So, it really boils down to the fact that I mentioned. You are the only one, the main and only one, that can really ruin your day or make it another great day. How you react, how you live and what you want in life; it really depends on yourself.

If Asia’h Epperson can do it, so can you. Brace your heart, smile, tell yourself everyday is a great day, be happy and don’t worry.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yes! Google Do Loves Asia'h Epperson

This blog was created on 24th March 2008. From then till now, I have posted 5 articles. And almost everyday, I will try to check out on Google to see if my blog is being indexed.

Yesterday, I was delighted to see that google have finally crawled my blog and it was indexed. So, by typing on the search engine, I found out that my site Asia'h Epperson finally appeared on google. It means google has finally crawl my site and it will probably indexed my other pages pretty soon.

It takes a total of 4 days for google to reach my site, and it came as a big surprise to me that Yahoo found my site, Asia'h Epperson, much more earlier, about 1 day earlier than google. I will talk about how Yahoo found Asia'h Epperson, but, that is for another post another day.

I read that it takes time for google to indexed site and it was reported that some sites take months, some reported as long as a year, to even get indexed on google. So, I think I am quite fortunate to get some love from google, at least it take only 4 days for Asia'h Epperson to be indexed by google. I know that some sites get listed much more faster, some blog claimed to be having timeframe like within hours, so, I don't really think it is that fast for Asia'h Epperson. But then, I am not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert, so, overall, I am still quite happy with the time it take to be indexed by google.

Although not all my pages are indexed by google yet, I am fine with it. I know that not all pages will be indexed, and anyway, I also don't think that I have written any quality, outstanding articles yet.

My only concern now is that just by searching google using my name, Asia'h Epperson, I was nowhere near the top few pages, so, if any of my friend is going to try and find me on the web using Asia'h Epperson, the chances is, they will probably won't find me. I look around and it look like most of the top few pages are all related to American Idol contestant, Asia'h Epperson.

So, for the time means, I am just trying to do whatever I can, by writing and posting regularly at Asia'h Epperson, hopefully, there will be a day when I am able to get listed on the first page of google for the search key word Asia'h Epperson.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Asia'h Epperson - Will She Returns

If you have been following American Idol, you probably are aware that Asia'h Epperson was being voted out of the season seven contest.

Lately, there are rumors in the internet about the possibility return of the wildcard for the American Idol contest, and that there will be a round of wildcard pick for 5 contestants that had been voated out of the American Idol. If it is true, then contestant that are already eliminated, peoples like Asia'h Epperson, Amy Davis, Luke Menard, Garrett Haley and many others, may yet get a chance to have another shot again at American Idol.

Will Asia’h Epperson returns?

Well, I do hope so as I support Asia’h Epperson. This young lady is talented and it was a shame that she was voted off earlier on. I will definitely root for her returns.

I will keep a close lookout for the wildcard rumors and if there is any update or announcement, I will put it up here. So, please check this blog out often.

Till the next time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Asia'h Epperson Is Not That Asia'h Epperson

My best friend, Kelly, called me yesterday after she visited my Asia'h Epperson blog. She is happy that I finally started blogging and read about my story. She was obviously in a very good mood, giving me some suggestions here and there about my blog, and although I don't really understand some of the things she said, I am still quite grateful to her.

You see, this is my first blog and it is quite a strange feeling to actually see that I have already created a blog and posting on it. To physically read it through a browser, I really can't explain the kind of excitement I have. Of course, this is just the beginning and there is still a lot of works to be done.

My main problem now is how to write and post regularly. I mean, I hate to go to school, so, I am actually quite weak at writing and it is a very big challenge for me at this moment. I hope that I can eventually write and post and maybe a few years later, when I look back, I can see part of my life events being documented here, in this blog.

Kelly was a bit concerned about one issue and that really kicks into my mind once again as I write this post. She saw the american idol wording on my header, saw me mentioning Asia'h Epperson, the contestant in the american idol and several related stuffs. She was worried that other people might think that I am trying to take this opportunity and build my blog based on Asia'h Epperson fame. Come on, Kelly, do I need that? Anyway, I don't really think this blog can bring me any fame, or help me make money online. So, what the heck?

Anyway, thanks for your concern, I really appreciate it. Well, maybe I will make a disclaimer someday, but, at this time of point, I think I have said enough at this stage and make enough clarification.

Well, I am Asia'h Epperson and once again, no, I am not that Asia'h Epperson you see on the American Idol.

Till next time we meet.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Best Moment with Asia'h Epperson

I know, considering my age, it is still very early to talk about the best moment in my life. But, then, who say that you can't talk about it when you are young? Everyone should have their best moments in every stage of their life, from the time they are young till old.

So, I am going to say something about it. You see, although I am still young, I already have a lot of precious memories of those wonderful and best moments in my life. These memories will just simply warm my heart, bring out my smile and happiness everytime they come to my mind.

The Best Moment - When Asia'h Epperson was still young

I still remember that particular time. My mum used to bring me around when she visit my grandma every Saturday afternoons. Beside my grandma's house, there is a small park. I will play hide and seek with my cousins, skate and ride bicycles in the park. You see, my parents are very strict with me, so, most of the time, I don't really go outdoor and play without them around. So, the only time I can freely play around without their supervision is only on the Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed those special moments which are unforgettable.

The Best Moment - When Asia'h Epperson start schooling

I know, this is going to be very disturbing to a lot of people. But, wtf? I am still going to say it. It is graduation day. I hate to go school, although I know it is for my own goods. Well, my parents said nowsday, without a good education, it is going to be very tough in life. I believe what they said, but then, I simply don't like school day... Every day I am looking forward to go home when I reach school; and I can't deny that the best moment is that GRADUATION DAY.

OTHER Best Moment - Asia'h Epperson

You know it, when I see Asia'h Epperson in American Idol. Why? Do I still need to spell it out?

What is your best moment?

Till the next post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Asia'h Epperson - Amercian Idol Dream Ends

Well, what else can I say?

Asia'h Epperson was being voted out of the American Idol contest. I am not too sure that she is the most talented contestant, but, clearly, she is not the worst. It is a shame that she could not make it into the final 12 and was voted out.

I had been following this season American Idol closely and keep a very closed lookout for Asia'h Epperson because she is having the same name as me. All my friends are rooting for her, but, somehow, she simply don't have the luck with her. I meant she is pretty, sing well, the judges like her, media coverage of her father's death (more exposure, really, not insulting), but, she still get vote off, if it is not lack of luck, how to explain?

Although she couldn't make it, I still hope that she is able to score some record deal, hopefully, some people out there with the eyes for talent are able to spot and sign up Asia'h Epperson, else, we probably hear the last of her on 6 March.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Asia'h Epperson - My Simple Story

Hi, a very warm welcome to Asia'h Epperson - my personal blog.

First of all, let me give you a brief introduction of myself and later on, I will tell you more about what this blog is all about, and how it comes about.

My name is.... yes, you are right, Asia'h Epperson, and no, I am not the one appearing in the America Idol Season 7 contestant. I loves to sing as well, but, I just don't have the courage to sign up for audition and maybe go on stage to sing in front of so many audience. At most, I will hide in my room and sing when all my family is not around. I really admire those American Idol contestant, whether they are voted in or voted out, you must give them a big applause for their courage to appear on stage, just to appear on screen, I would say is a big achievement.

Okay, more about me. I just finish my high school, and are currently on a look out for any job opening. To be frank, I hate to look for job, checking out classified ads for jobs, surf job website, sending job application thru web, email, etc... it's not a simple task, but, then, what choice I have?

My best friend has been writing blog for a couple of years and she tell me that it is a trend now. She shows me a couple of websites that claims make money online is simple, you just got to write and write daily, and then many people will come to read and from there, you can make a lot of mooney online.

I don't think that is so simple. Both my parents works a minimum of 8 hours daily from morning to night, just to put food on the table, if just by blogging can make money, what will the world becomes?

Anyway, after seeing my best friend's blog, I am pretty hook and so, I decided to create Asia'h Epperson and maybe try it out to see if blogging can really help me to make money online.

So, what is Asia'h Epperson blog about?

This blog will probably be the place where I try to write all daily things that happens around me. Maybe I will write about interesting website or blogs that I visited, or the movies / songs / tv programmes that I watch and feel that I need to talk about. I will probably write about my view on the American Idol, I love to watch it..... yes, and talk about the contestant Asia'h Epperson as well.

The list could go on and on, in all, this will most probably a very personal blog of me, and hopefully, many people will find their way here to watch me talk nonsense, nothing important stuff, and in the end, help me to make money online.

Once again, thank you for visiting Asia'h Epperson. Hope to see you around.