Thursday, April 10, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Will Not Pay To Learn Blogging

If you have been reading blogs for quite sometimes, you probably have come across the famous problogger, Darren Rowse. Recently, he is promoting his "Six Figure Blogging" course again as a pricing of $325.

Yes, you are right. Asia'h Epperson never write the amount wrongly. Now, ask yourself, will you ever pay that amount of money to learn blogging when I suppose that anything that you want to know about blogging, you could easily find them on the internet.

And Darren did mentioned that

Of course some people achieve this online through teaching themselves or reading other blogs on the topic - but most of those who signed up wanted to get this information in the one place in a more intense way (ie over a six week structured course) and were willing to pay for that.

So, that simply imply that yes, all the course informations are readily available somewhere on the internet. So, will you pay that amount ?

Asia's Epperson can't said for others, but, Asia'h Epperson will definitely won't pay that amount to earn blogging.

First of all, that kind of money is not cheap and it won't guarantee that you will earn it back through blogging.

Then again, you look around. How many bloggers around can earn a decent living through blogging? You can easily count and in one of the poll Darren make before, most of the bloggers don't make money.

Now, Asia'h Epperson has no intention to berate the problogger. He is able to earn good money through his own effort and that is admirable. Asia'h Epperson can also understand that he did put in effort for the course and it need to be rewarded. But, the kind of pricing is really too high, don't you think so?

Of course, there are people who support him and slam those opposed. Well, what can Asia'h Epperson said?

Asia'h Epperson can tell you that you guys go ahead if you are interested, don't support for the sake of support. It is very hard for Asia'h Epperson to believe that those people who claimed support are going to sign up, they probably won't.

Because end of the day, it is their pocket that hurts.


Matthew C. Keegan said...

Very, very few people will ever make a living with blogging let alone pull down more than 100K in one year. It can be done, but I don't think you need someone to teach you how to to do it.

Darren got to where he is because he started early and created a large network of blogs. He makes a lot of money from his share of B5media which, incidentally pays their bloggers chump change.

Find your path and hold fast to it!

Asia'h Epperson said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog and comment.

I agreed with you that Darren started early and got his money from many areas beside blogging.

That's why I cannot understand the logics behind the Six Figure Blogging. It simply mislead people to think that by blogging you can do that figure.

And, I really think we don't need people to teach us how to blog. :)