Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fourth Judge On American Idol 8

Have you heard the news about the changes for next season American Idol contest? Changes are widely expected as the ratings experiences steep declines for season 7 contest and Simon Cowell, one of the 3 judges on the show, had drops some hints in a interview as well.

So, the first change officially announced: Grammy-Nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi joining American Idol as a fourth judge. She will sit alongside Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson at the judges' table and use her background as an award-winning songwriter and producer to praise or critique the wannabe hopefuls throughout the American Idol competition.

The eighth season of American Idol premieres January 2009 and from now till then, will there be any other changes? We will wait and see.

Click here to read the official news on Kara DioGuardi joining AI.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I Am Still Around

It has been quite a while since I last posted here. For the entire month of July, I only managed to make 1 miserable post on Asia'h Epperson and that is to be expected as I am putting my full attention to my other blogs that are bringing me money.

Another reason is because this blog didn't move up the SERPs at all for the main keyword I am targetting: Asia'h Epperson. All my other blogspot aka blogger blogs also show up far behind in the result pages, but, surprisingly, my self-hosted wordpress blogs are doing very well.

I may be wrong, but, Google sent many new visitors to this blog for the past one month, with the majority of them are searching for terms involving SERPs. If you are not aware, this blog rank well for several long tailed keywords about Google SERPs. Based on the keyword these new visitors search for, I could see that quite a lot of blogspot blog got hit hard by the big G.

That is the problem here, can you see it. Asia'h Epperson don't rank well for the main keyword, but, it does for other long tailed keyword which I have not thought of before. All my links building which I have done is specifically targeting at Asia'h Epperson and when I look at it, I really don't understand why. Anyway, I am not the only one, I think most people don't understand how the system works.

So, I have decided not to pursue too hard, just do whatever I can and if blogspot cannot move, be it. It don't bring in the money anyway. For now, I will just blog here if there is something I feel I need to say and if not, then, most probably will be one post in a long while.

And, yes, Asia'h Epperson is still around :)