Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Google PageRank Update?

Courtney Tuttle posted about a possible google pagerank update going on and true enough, after checking out all my sites, there is indeed some update going on.

This blog, Asia'h Epperson, move from no PageRank to a PR0. Another site of mine moves from PR0 to P3 while a 3rd site moves down 1 rank.

As Google PageRank updates can take several days to be accurate across all of Google’s Data Centers, it is possible that you might not see any changes to your pagerank at the moment.

If you are interested to know more about what Google PageRank is all about, check out this Wikipedia article on PageRank.

So, did your blog pagerank increase?

Monday, April 28, 2008


3rd May 2008 is the shutdownday.

From the website:

It is obvious that without computers we would find our life extremely difficult, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope?

Be part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the Internet. The idea behind Shutdown Day is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day, and what will happen if we all participate!

Shutdown your computer on 03 May 2008 and find out!

So, Asia’h Epperson will be shutting down the computer for that day and be away somewhere reading books.

Will you shut down your computer on that day?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Funny Thing About Blogosphere

As you know, Asia’h Epperson had been reading some positive and self development blog lately and sometimes, it is really amazed to see the kind of cult followings some of those blogs can attract.

Today, Asia’h Epperson was reading one of the blog and for that particular post, Asia’h Epperson don’t think there is much value in it, but, strange enough, people just comment, praise it and some even link to it. That’s really make Asia’h Epperson understand why everyone is looking forward to be famous and being classified as the A-List. It is really straight forward, no matter what you write, whether it makes sense and helpful or not, readers will just comes by, comment, praise it and link to it. Why? Because you are famous.

But, is that what the blogosphere about?

Of course, Asia’h Epperson is in no position to discuss about it, but, really, it is funny enough for Asia’h Epperson to read and laugh. Now, there are closed to 200 comments on that post that talked about personal stuff. Can you imagine if those same comments on my first post or Asia’h Epperson facebook, won’t you fall off the chair?

That’s probably the benefit that those famous bloggers enjoyed. Asia’h Epperson had seen so many readers simply followed the famous blogger and clearly, they enjoyed, even nonsense.

Now, we are told by those same A-List bloggers that content is king. Write something that is useful to reader, things that will help them and don’t write simply because you need to post. Clearly, they forget to tell Asia’h Epperson that they are the exceptional. It is okay to write rubbish or personal stuff, provided you are famous.

Now, Asia’h Epperson don’t know about you, but, if that is the kind of post Asia’h Epperson is going to read weekly, then Asia’h Epperson is going to say goodbye to that blog. Give me a break please.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Comment I Follow. Err… Actually I don’t

You should have seen this logo or similar logo in different color been display in some blogs. That’s the You Comment I Follow badge, used by bloggers to indicate that the blog is a dofollow blog.

What is dofollow and what is nofollow?

DoFollow is a term used by bloggers and website owners who removed the “rel=nofollow” tag in their external link to other site. By removing this tag, google bots and all other search engine bots, will follow through the link and pass on page rank or link juice, commonly known as google juice, to the other site. That means, when you made a comment on a dofollow blog, you will get some google juice and if it is a nofollow blog, you won’t get at all.

So, to encourage comments from readers, some blog choose to remove the nofollow tag and put up the You Comment I Follow badge. That will indicate to the readers that if you comment, google will follow and you will be rewarded with some link love.

How to Remove The NoFollow Tag?

Well, there are already a lot of posts about how to do it, simply google “how to remove nofollow”, or click on this link, will return you quite a number of answer that can help you on how to remove it.

So What Is The Issue?

Some of the blogs out there are displaying the badge but, in actual fact, they don’t follow.

Now, there are some blogs that display the badge, but, will become dofollow only when you made a certain number of comments on the blog (that can be set using some wordpress plugin). Asia'h Epperson not referring to these blogs.

Asia'h Epperson is referring to those blogs that display the You Comment I Follow badge but, in reality, there will never ever follow you.


There are a few possibilities. Most of the time is due to they upgrade the wordpress installation and in the process, they forget to turn on the plugin that helps to remove the nofollow tag. Sometimes, it might be due to new plugin is being installed and causes problem with the nofollow tag. And, most of the time, the owner might not even realized it.

Whatever the reason, Asia’h Epperson feels that it is the blog owner’s responsibility to ensure that the blog dofollow if you put up the badge. There is really no excuse if you continue to use the badge and not following through.

If you are using the You Comment I Follow badge for your blog, it is good that after every new upgrade or installation of new plugin, put in some time to check that the blog is still followed.

Don't you think so?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oppss... Your Comment Hurt

Yesterday, Asia’h Epperson got two very big surprises. The first surprise is that this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is being booted out of the top 100 spots in Google ranking. Then, later another surprise comes in as Asia’h Epperson received an email from one blog owner asking Asia’h Epperson to stop spamming his site.

Note: To avoid any misunderstanding, I purposely blank out all the email address, IP, url and person involved.

First, let me put the fact right. Asia’h Epperson hate spamming and would never do so and had never never ever spammed his site. Now, the blog that claimed Asia’h Epperson spamming his site is a very reputable and active blog in the blogosphere and has a very high page rank. So, do you think that Asia’h Epperson is so stupid as to spam that blog?

Definitely not. So, why is he claiming so?

After a few corresponding email with that owner, Asia’h Epperson finally understand why and let me tell you in details.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find out all the external links linking to any site, including this blog, Asia’h Epperson. If you don’t know about it, go and read the article on How to Replicate Your Competition's Link with SeoQuake at Courts blog.

Apparently, there are other people, using some other name, making many comments on that same blog in a short period of time and hence raised the spam alarm. And all the URL is promoting the America Idol contestant, Asia’h Epperson.

To be fair to the other commentators, Asia’h Epperson read through those comments, they are not spam. But, it just happens that within a short period of 8-10 minutes, there are 5 comments being made on 5 different posts. That's definitely looks spam to the owner.

Now, here, let me put the fact right again. While the other blogs is promoting the America Idol Contestant Asia’h Epperson, my blog is not the same thing. My blog is solely about my personal life and ranting about other things and it just happens that I am also Asia’h Epperson.

So, it comes back to a question, is there anything that Asia’h Epperson can do to control what other people do at another blog? Asia'h Epperson don't think so, then, why penalize Asia’h Epperson? Now, it is very clear that Asia’h Epperson made the first comment over at those blogs and if people followed, there is really nothing Asia’h Epperson can do.

Again, this is not the first blog that penalize Asia’h Epperson. There are another few blogs that simply removed the comments or URL whenever Asia’h Epperson comments. And really, Asia’h Epperson knows why it happens.

Apparently, a few days ago, one of the sites that promoted America Idol Asia’h Epperson is being booted out of Google and no longer in the index. So, it looks to me that maybe someone had complain to Google and that’s why my blog also seems to get the penalty and drop in the SERPs. Of course, there is no confirmation on it, but, from the way Asia’h Epperson looks at it, there is such a possibility, else, it is really hard to understand why the ranking drops so much in the space of 2 days.

Now, it is very hard to accept the fact that Asia’h Epperson is being penalized on something that not within her control, but, this is part and parcel of the blogosphere and really, life still goes on.

This post is made not to bash anyone, Asia’h Epperson just want to highlight that when you proceed to make comment on other blogs, although not your intention, but, it may still hurt other. So, practice due diligence.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Stop Checking Statistics

When this blog, Asia'h Epperson was started about a month ago, Asia'h Epperson was very excited about all the statistics related to this blog, things like google ranking, visitors, keyword, pages index, and many other stuff. Asia’h Epperson was very keen to know how the blog perform that twicely daily, Asia’h Epperson will check on the statistics.

Now, Asia'h Epperson thinks this is pretty common among new blogger, there is nothing to be ashamed about. In the beginning, everybody probably check all the statistics everyday. But, after a while, the interest will most probably wane off if there is really nothing impressive about the statistics that you are looking at.

Of course, if the statistics showed lot of improvement daily, you might get hook on and continue checking them. Asia’h Epperson just get sick at looking at the same statistics daily. Now, everyday there are about 30-40 unique visitors to this blog, Asia’h Epperson, and really that is not a very impressive figure. Of course, sometimes, there might be a sudden increase of traffic, like after the post on Asia'h Epperson FaceBook, but, generally, the traffic stay quite constant. But, considering that Asia’h Epperson is just a normal personal blog, don’t teach readers anything, and most of the time, probably only ranting about everything that Asia’h Epperson comes across, it is not that bad at all.

The only point that is worth mentioned is probably Asia’h Epperson have been sitting pretty good in google for quite a few weeks. It does bound up and down sometimes, but generally, it is either in page 1 or 2. So, it looks like google really love Asia’h Epperson.

But, since yesterday, the whole situation changed. Out of the blue, Asia’h Epperson falls out of the top 100 spots and although there is some slight improvement today, it is still nowhere near the high that Asia’h Epperson achieve for the past few weeks. That’s why sometimes, Asia’h Epperson don’t really understand google. Many people don’t understand anyway.

So, there is really nothing impressive to talk about anymore on Asia’h Epperson. But, to Asia’h Epperson, it is not a big issue, because at the end of the day, a personal blog is still a personal blog. Nobody will really want to read what Asia’h Epperson rants about, of course, unless Asia’h Epperson is famous. People will be willing to read what Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, Obama talks about, but, who really interested in Asia’h Epperson.

Well, unless those fans chasing after the America Idol contestant Asia’h Epperson and somehow ended up at this blog. God knows.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Start Working on It

It seems like most of the time when we wanted to start working on something, we will hesitate and ended up never really start to work on it. We will probably tell ourselves: “okay, tomorrow I will do it.”

But, in reality, that day will probably never come.

There are many things in life where Asia’h Epperson really wanted to do, just ended up never worked on. During school days, my parents keep reminding Asia’h Epperson to do read up or do revision of the school work, well, most of the time, Asia’h Epperson just idle away the time and only right before exams kick in, then quickly pick up the textbook.

So, how many times in life we really got a chance to relive everything over again?

This blog, Asia’h Epperson, was created about one month ago. It was finally created, yes, Asia’h Epperson finally created it. The idea of blogging have been sitting in my mind for quite sometimes, but, most of the time, it will just flashes past and never really get into doing it.

Now, looking back, Asia’h Epperson might have just not created it at all. There is a lot of time when Asia’h Epperson pop up the same question: so, are you going to start or you are not?

It is really just sit down and worked on it. Any hesitation will actually stop you from doing it. Asia’h Epperson know it and you know it. Most of the time, when we really think again, we will most probably won’t do it. The amount of times putting in front of the computer is quite a lot. Really, it is just about sacrifice some of your personal time.

But, end of the day, Asia’h Epperson is glad that she did it.

So, what is the story between this?

Now, go and do whatever you think you want to do. Don’t hesitate too much. As simple as that. Hesitation will only make you wait much longer and you will probably never do it.

Asia’h Epperson knew it. You also, right?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Asia'h Epperson is Guilty, Are You?

Sometimes, it just take a little extra time or effort to clear any doubt and it really works wonder if that extra little bit of time is being put in. Asia'h Epperson Facebook, the post that Asia'h Epperson wrote a few days ago that created some misunderstanding with another fellow blogger, is the one that Asia'h Epperson going to talk about today.

The other day, Asia'h Epperson read about a post about the false Asia'h Epperson Facebook and obviously, felt upset as Asia'h Epperson felt that the post indirectly pointing the fingers at Asia'h Epperson and this blog. So, in a blur of moment, Asia'h Epperson wrote another post Another DumbFuck Is Born bashing back at the blogger.

TR, the other blogger, took the initiative to make some comments here clarifying that she don’t meant to offend Asia’h Epperson and she never know that Asia’h Epperson did have a facebook profile created and if she knew it, she would never make that post. Then, she took a step further and deletes her post that created the misunderstanding and although it is not necessary, Asia'h Epperson still appreciated it and that’s why Asia’h Epperson think that people are mostly nice and good.

Now, it is clear that there is some misunderstanding and Asia’h Epperson felt that if we both have put in some effort to make some contact and communicate, this kind of awkward situation can be avoided. Which lead Asia’h Epperson to think: maybe everyone is guilty of that at one time or another.

If a little bit extra time is being put in, there will probably be fewer conflicts between people and how the world might change because of that. Nobody can tell, but, it should be for the better.

Asia’h Epperson is guilty of that at times. If time can roll back, Asia’h Epperson might take the time to say sorry to a very old time friend. We no longer keep in touch due to some disagreement and it is such a shame that the friendship ended that way. And there are many other things, things that if we put in some effort, the outcome might be entirely different.

Asia’h Epperson is guilty of not putting in that little bit of effort and times, are you?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another DumbFuck Is Born

So another dumbfuck is born again. The fellow at http://asiah-epperson-latest-news.blogspot.com. Now, I am not going to link there. You guys go and see. After my post on Asia'h Epperson Facebook, she obviously thought that there is an opportunity for her to post something, and so, made up a post on Fake Asia'h Epperson Facebook.

Now, if you guys go Facebook and search, there is currently only one Asia'h Epperson and that's me. So why she is a dumbfuck. If you want to bash or make fun of people, get the facts straight. From day one I created the account on facebook, only friends can see my profile. If simply search, there is no way you can see my profile, so, either her friend from Singapore (as she claimed) or she herself is blind, stupid or dumb. Else, how the hell she claimed that all the personal information in it were wrong. Only a dumbfuck can see something different, right? Okay, let's said I added that dumbfuck as friend, in my profile, there is a URL pointing to my blog here and only a dumbfuck and stupid person will mistake me as the America Idol Asia'h Epperson.

And from where you dumbfuck get the information that there is only Asia'h Epperson on the world? Do you know there are how many Barack Obama, George Bush and Jesus Christ on facebook, go do a search, dumbfuck.

The dumbfuck also claimed there are a lot of fake Asia'h Epperson site, obviously, pointing the finger at my site. Now, if you are not blind, stupid and dumb, from my very first post, I already said that I am NOT THE Asia'h Epperson from America Idol Season 7. Again, someone commented on my blog mistaking me as America Idol Asia'h Epperson, my reply to her is that I am not. That dumbfuck should have read that, but, choose to ignore and bash me.

So, from the fact that that dumbfuck made only 3 posts in this month, Asia'h Epperson can understand that you don't know what else to write. Now, Asia'h Epperson give you some advice. Go write about when you wake up, what time you take breakfast, shower, walk your dog, go shopping, what color of your cloth. Definitely you can write something everyday.

Now, don't be a dumbfuck and write something that you can't even get the facts right.

Everyday there are about 30-40 unique visitors to my site and I know all are fellow bloggers writing on Asia'h Epperson, and that include you. Now, you dumbfuck tell me, who will google for Asia'h Epperson and reach my blog when google return the Official America Idol Site, followed by Griz's site and a few sites that wrote purely about AI. So, those visit my blogs is not fellow bloggers eying the same keyword, then who else?

Claiming that you are a pure Asia'h Epperson fan site is a joke. A contestant voted off and you started a fan site for her. Come on, get a life. Everybody know why suddenly there are so many Asia'h Epperson site popping up. Go write about Simon Cowell, maybe I will believe you. And, take out your EARTH HOUR post, that's got nothing to do with Asia'h Epperson fan site.

And I can see that you are following Asia'h Epperson to make comments on some blogs. Go ahead, carry on, you won't win the competition. Why? Now, let me tell you dumbfuck why. Since day one, I already make at least 200 plus comments, visit at least 100 blogs and at least 20 forums. You can see my backlinks is about 5K plus. Now, I went to first page in google sometimes back, just behind Griz, and you dumbfuck are still nowhere to be seen.

Now, my blog falls in SERPs. Do you know why Dumbfuck? Because simply commenting won't get you to the top. See how our fellow friend, Asia'h Epperson on Squidoo did? Now, he don't comment a lot, probably a few sites but he got a lot of solid backlinks, people like Vic, Frank, Justin helps him and plus his own linkfarm. All are solid PR3 and above blogs which seldom give out link love. That's precious. Weighted links. Now, you go take a look at Griz's Asia'h Epperson blog, similar scenario, all solid backlinks, that's why they are now on top and I falls behind. Understand, dumbfuck?

And, I tell you why I post almost everyday. I just started blogging, Asia'h Epperson is my first blog. Obviously, I don't have linkfarms, I don't have many blogger friends to help. So, I need to make a lot of comments, but, that's the best the site can go in google. So, I try to make a post everyday, hoping that in long run, all my posts are stuffed with my keyword and maybe, that will push this blog up.

So, understand dumbfuck, go find out more and get the facts right before bashing me.

And remember, shut up your big mouth and keep working on your site.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is That All About Make Money Online Blog

Is there any truth in make money online blog really making money online? That’s the question being thrown up in the latest drama in Make Money Online (MMO) blog sales.

Now, if you are confused, let Asia’h Epperson give you a brief introduction.

Recently, Asia’h Epperson posted about some make money online blog being put up for sales and some people purchasing it as a ridiculous price. Then, Asia’h Epperson continued to explain why it is not advisable to buy these niche blog.

And that’s not the end yet, there is more exciting drama coming up as some posts is being thrown in on the blogosphere and many comments, hate and love, are being made.

First, Vic from Bloggerunleashed made a post about the sales and as usual, there are people who are not happy with Vic’s style of posting and so, John Cow came along and joined in the fun with a post himself and eventually, Garry Conn kicked in with his own opinion about the whole thing.

Vic and Garry shared the same view that people are buying MMO blog at too high a price, but, Cow, looking to sell his blog, obviously has a different view. Then, Garry and Cow thinks Vic is too harsh on his post and bash too much about the issue.

Vic, Cow and Garry, each have their own loyal readers and all throw their weights behind them and going through all the comments being made, you can see more drama. Names are being called, integrity being questioned, and well, even business partner are being implicated.

You go and read those articles and make your own judgment about the whole issue.

So, back to the question: Is there any truth in make money online blog really making money online?

Asia’h Epperson has analyze it before and if you are still not convinced, why don’t you go take a look at this more detailed article by Grizz. You should be pretty cleared after reading it.

Is that the end of the make money online drama?

Asia’h Epperson don’t think so. More to come. Just sit tight and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Asia'h Epperson FaceBook

Asia’h Epperson has been getting invitation from friends a long time ago to join Facebook, but, never really bother to take a look at it. Last month, finally, Asia’h Epperson took a long look at the latest and maybe hottest social networking community and yes, Asia’h Epperson said: I joined facebook.

It is not an overstatement that facebook is the hottest community now, and it is ever growing at an astonishing rate. Well, if you have not joined them, Asia’h Epperson recommends that you go and joined. Take a look, search for your friends and you won’t be surprise if you find many of them. It is like everybody is on the community now. Asia’h Epperson actually found some friends that already lost touch many years ago.


So, what are the reasons why Asia’h Epperson think people should use Facebook or what advantage Facebook have that people should joined them?

You can interact with friends that you seldom meet up or maybe those that you already lost touch with. Now, Asia’h Epperson knew it and you knew it. It is impossible to meet up with every one of your friends or different group of friends every now and then, right? With Facebook, you can interact with friends easier, send message, poke them, send photo and many other things. That’s great, right? Also, you can join groups that interest you. Those people who shares the same interest as you or works in the same industry as you. You can easier do a search and interact with them.

Now, facebook is so hot that if you don’t know anything about it, you are simply showing a lack of knowledge on the upcoming technology trend. It would be good if you can just joined them, take a look and if it really don’t interest you. Just forget it. But, Asia’h Epperson guess is that you will probably hook on it.

Then again, many people are developing application on facebook platform now. Not sure which way thing will go, but, at the present, if you are adequate with skill on developing application on facebook, Asia’h Epperson do think there is enough opportunity for you to move far.

Asia’h Epperson already on, are you?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will You Blog If You Can’t Write

Recently while reading some blogs, Asia’h Epperson came across a very interesting topic. The article questions about why people still blog if he or she can’t write well, meaning, basically, unless you have a flair in writing, you shouldn’t even blog at all because your article will be totally filled with grammar mistakes.

Asia’h Epperson can’t write well also, so, should Asia’h Epperson blog?

The question is a reality check for Asia’h Epperson because from the beginning, this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is meant to be a personal blog. Asia’h Epperson don’t expect many unknown reader to come here and clearly this blog is not going to Make Money Online.

So, should Asia’h Epperson stop blogging just because Asia’h Epperson can’t write well?

Asia’h Epperson don’t think so. Now, there is no requirement or entry bar to start a blog. Anybody can simply create a blog and start blogging in minutes. So, why hesitate and question?

There are many niche in blogosphere. If you are going to start a blog teaching people how to write article, proper English, of course, you need to write well so that people believe in your ability. Other than that, Asia’h Epperson don’t see any purpose why you must write well if you are going to start blogging.

Sometimes Asia’h Epperson finds it very funny that there are all this disturbing noises in life. You know, there are once when Asia’h Epperson had a conversation with this young lady who is a lawyer. Well, She told Asia’h Eppeson that she pity those lawyers who are not eloquent. She said why be a lawyer if you can’t speak well.

Well, guess what Asia’h Epperson told her. Asia’h Epperson simply reply: do you know that not all lawyers go to courts to fight cases? There are people who draft contracts and agreement, don’t you know. Well, that shut her mouth up. Young and Arrogant, right?

So, back to the topic. Asia’h Epperson will continue to blog, and Asia’h Epperson hope you do so. Don’t let all this silly question stop you. A blog can be in many forms, and no, no one should ever question you anything. It is your decision and rights.

Asia’h Epperson wishes you all the best. Happy blogging.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Asia’h Epperson On Don’t Buy An Existing Blog

Asia'h Epperson And Make Money Online Blog

Asia’h Epperson has been reading blogs for the past one year. There is no particular niche area of blogs that Asia’h Epperson won’t read. Make money online, self improvement, rambling, GTD, comics, blogging tips, article writing, business, you named it, Asia’h Epperson will have read it somewhere sometimes before.

So, what attracts Asia’h Epperson to keep going back daily and read these blogs? Well, the answer is very simple. It is the author, the topics of writing, the style and the relationship build up with the blog owner through commenting and interacting.

Now, some of those blogs will start to look for buyers within one year time. Asia’h Epperson had seen it many times. There are, of course no lack of buyers who look to buy into these blogs, thinking that they are making money and it is easier for them to start make money online with these blogs instead of starting a fresh new one.

It is a very wrong perception and Asia’h Epperson will tell you why.

Now, most of the times, those blogs that are being sold and bought by people are a one man blog, meaning, the owner is the only writer for that blog. Just like Asia’h Epperson is the only writer here at this blog. So, everything being written is the idea of the owner, from the design, logo, topics, posting to comments. All are by the owner itself.

So, readers that read the blog are basically being attracted to the blog by the writer’s charisma, the style of writing, the topics and maybe the discussion. So, unless the new buyer share the same characteristic of the previous owner, have the same ideology and maybe shared the same style of posting, writing, it would be a very difficult task to retain readers and attracts advertisers.

How many times Asia’h Epperson had seen those blogs that are sold and purchased fall? You know it if you are being around for a while in this blogosphere. Many.

Now, if you buy a blog for a couple of hundred dollars, it is okay. You can count them as money lose, not too hard feeling. Now, again, you look at those blogs that are being sold recently at ridiculous price, ten thousand or more, it really hurts.

If those new owner think that just by paying that kind of silly money and they can start make money online, think hard. Asia’h Epperson wishes you good luck. It is possible, but, Asia’h Epperson highly doubt it.

Now, if you go start a new blog and start writing, are you confident that you can get that kind of readers, money in 1 year time? If you don’t, what make you think that you can get that kind of income just by making a purchase of these blogs?

God bless you, never never ever pay too high for existing blog.

Asia’h Epperson hope you can hear me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asia'h Epperson And Make Money Online Blog

It is very common to see blogs or established websites putting up for sale and every now and then, we will heard of them being sold. Now, if you are not aware, recently there are a few Make Money Online Blog being sold at a very high price and it looked like the trend is going on.

The problem here is, will this Make Money Online blogs make money for the new owner? Did the new owner paid too much a price for this blogs?

Asia'h Epperson will take a look at one of the blogs and you make your own judgement.

OneMansGoal.com is the blog that Asia'h Epperson going to talk about. Now, if you have been reading blogs for the past one year, most probably you have heard of Bryan Clark blog. Now, the blog have been sold AGAIN for 10 thousand dollar. Yes, AGAIN, because it was the second time that Bryan Clark sold away this blog.

Interesting? Well, a couple of month ago, he sold away OneMansGoal.com for 8K plus and as like most of the make money online blog, the new owner is not able to make any money over the blog and in the end, the blog was sold back to Bryan at a lower price. Now, this time round, someone brought it at a much higher price again and so, do you think it will make money?

Asia'h Epperson don't think so. Now, it is a reality that Make Money Online Blog is not going to make money for the new owner. There are already many cases, to name a few, SiteFever, CashQuest and OneMansGoal. It is amazing that people are still willing to fork out that kind of silly money to buy these Make Money Online Blog.

Now, ask yourself. If these blog is really making money or let's say they have hugh potential to make money online, will the owner sell them? Most of them put up the sale and claim that they have no time to manage and have other project. Bullshit. Totally Bullshit. I don't see that interacting with readers, making comment or making a post several day once is that tough. It is all about taking the quick money and run.

Asia'h Epperson can tell you that maybe a few months later, you guys can see that Bryan Clark is going to buy back his blog. Let's see.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Things That Motivate Asia'h Epperson To Blog

This blog, Asia’h Epperson, was created on the 24th March and it was coming to about 3 weeks old. Since the first post is made, Asia’h Epperson tried to make it a point to post daily. There are a few strong factors, or would I said beliefs, that caused Asia’h Epperson to keep continue in writing, although most of the articles don’t really have any value or will add value to reader.

But, as I said before, Asia’h Epperson is just a personal blog. There is no particular niche that it is trying to pursue and hence when you read Asia’h Epperson, it is probably a ranting dairy.

So, what actually are the factors that keep this blog, Asia’h Epperson, going?

  1. The fulfill of a dream

    Believe it or not, my earliest dream is to become a writer. Asia’h Epperson in a way helps to fulfill this dream. The sad part of the dream is that this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is probably just a simple diary, and it most probably won’t make money online also.

    Anyway, Asia’h Epperson will be a stepping stone for me to move on. This is a trial and error place where mistakes can be made without causing too much hurt. I am learning everyday as I write on Asia’h Epperson and it is only through Asia’h Epperson blog that I learn more about blogging, networking and many others.

  2. The Google Love

    Now, everyone, including Asia’h Epperson, reaches out their hand to google and hoping that there will be some love been shown. Not everyone succeed. Everyone is trying hard to outrank each other in Google search, hoping to get some good ranking and hence the organic traffic.

    Asia’h Epperson is also the same. If you did go through some of my earliest post on this blog, you can see that I am trying to rank number one for Asia’h Epperson and I would think that it is an achievement if I am able to do it.

    Asia’h Epperson know it is not a easy task and a lot of hard work and efforts is being put in before this blog, Asia’h Epperson, started to rank well. That’s why, you can imagine how upset Asia’h Epperson was, when someone followed Asia’h Epperson and caused some issues to this blog. I was just glad that everything is now clarified and back to normal.

So, you know what motivate Asia’h Epperson. What motivate you?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Will Not Pay To Learn Blogging

If you have been reading blogs for quite sometimes, you probably have come across the famous problogger, Darren Rowse. Recently, he is promoting his "Six Figure Blogging" course again as a pricing of $325.

Yes, you are right. Asia'h Epperson never write the amount wrongly. Now, ask yourself, will you ever pay that amount of money to learn blogging when I suppose that anything that you want to know about blogging, you could easily find them on the internet.

And Darren did mentioned that

Of course some people achieve this online through teaching themselves or reading other blogs on the topic - but most of those who signed up wanted to get this information in the one place in a more intense way (ie over a six week structured course) and were willing to pay for that.

So, that simply imply that yes, all the course informations are readily available somewhere on the internet. So, will you pay that amount ?

Asia's Epperson can't said for others, but, Asia'h Epperson will definitely won't pay that amount to earn blogging.

First of all, that kind of money is not cheap and it won't guarantee that you will earn it back through blogging.

Then again, you look around. How many bloggers around can earn a decent living through blogging? You can easily count and in one of the poll Darren make before, most of the bloggers don't make money.

Now, Asia'h Epperson has no intention to berate the problogger. He is able to earn good money through his own effort and that is admirable. Asia'h Epperson can also understand that he did put in effort for the course and it need to be rewarded. But, the kind of pricing is really too high, don't you think so?

Of course, there are people who support him and slam those opposed. Well, what can Asia'h Epperson said?

Asia'h Epperson can tell you that you guys go ahead if you are interested, don't support for the sake of support. It is very hard for Asia'h Epperson to believe that those people who claimed support are going to sign up, they probably won't.

Because end of the day, it is their pocket that hurts.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Take On Content Is King

Asia'h Epperson is really just a simple blog. There is no valuable content on this blog, at least that's what I think so. Most of the time I write things that I come across or encountered, and at times it is just about making noise only. There is no particular niche area that this blog, Asia's Epperson, is targeting. And no, this blog is definitely not going to Make Money Online.

Well, if this is the first time you are here, let me welcome you to Asia'h Epperson.

Most of the times, I read blogs and everywhere Asia'h Epperson go, people said Content is King. Yes, I agreed. Content is really king. If you are able to write valuable article, something new that nobody has written before, well, people will link to you and give you credit, and that's how you gain your authority and popularity in the blogging world, and probably get many readers and end up making money online. Asia'h Epperson totally agreed.

But, the truth is, how many blogs out there are writing new, unique and valuable article. You go check them out, most of the time, they are talking about the same thing. Same content, but just different style of reading. And hey, reader just love it. Strange.

Sometimes, Asia'h Epperson will read a post at Blog A and then felt that it looks familiar. Ohhhh.... Asia'h Epperson remembered. Asia'h Epperson read that in Blog B 2 weeks ago. And the pattern keeps repeating. Now, even those big blogs or a term bloggers called A-Lister in the blog world do that also.

So, is content really the king? Seriously, I has doubt on it. What say you?

And, by the way, everytime those big blogs was asked about how they gain so many RSS subscribers and readers or make some much money online, one of the key points they sure to mention is CONTENT IS KING. Come on, give Asia'h Epperson a break. That's not unique at all.

Well, or should Asia'h Epperson say content is king is bullshit?

It really up to individual view. But, Asia'h Epperson is really sick of those repeated ranting that say writing unique content is king bullshit.

I would prefer people to say, Content is Queen, Re-writing content is king. Something new for you? Asia's Epperson hope so.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Commentator Widget Problem

If your blog is using wordpress and you have a top commentator widget on your blog, you might want to take note of this possible problem that I have encountered. I did some testing and try out and this is a problem and possible causing some problem to either you or the reader, and maybe you are not aware of it.


Top commentator widget is using commentator name as a grouping criteria. So, if two different person commented on your blog using the same name, when the widget calculate and show the top commentator, they will be group as one same name with an additional comment count.

For example, if you commented as "SEO Expert" and someone else also commented as "SEO Expert", the top commentator will count "SEO Expert" as making 2 comments. So, if "SEO Expert" happens to be one of the top commentators, the last person who commented will get his/her link shows beneath the "SEO Expert" commentator.


Now, if you want to play prank, you can simply go to any blog with top commentator widget installed. See who is the top commentator name and make a comment on any post with that same name, but, put in your own URL. In this case, when the next page load, although the top commentator name is still the same, but, the link is actually changed. And chances are, he/she probably won't know about it.

So, if the search engine bot hit the site, you will actually get all the links instead of the other poor fellow.

Of course, I won't recommend you to do that because this will in fact make you more enemy instead of friends, but, sometimes, people don't know and such a mistake do happens.

So, if you have a blog with top commentator widget or making comment on other blogs, do take note of this.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Loves Nice People

If you are here for the first time, a very warm welcome to you, and thanks for visiting my blog, Asia'h Epperson.

Recently there is some confusion and misunderstanding between Asia'h Epperson and a fellow blogger. If you don't know what's going on, you might want to read this, this and this.

Now, I am very happy that after all the confusion and misunderstanding and a few posts on my blog, everything is finally clarified and cleared.

So, I thought Asia'h Epperson should write something about it.

People are actually nice and friendly or to be more precise, fellow bloggers are nice people. There is this nice guy, Griz, who teach us how to make money online using blogger platform. There is also this nice guy called Vic, who show you the way to make money online.

And, without forgetting this nice guy blog, Fly Fishing for Beginners, who readily admit a mistake make and put in the effort to say it and rectify it.

And, I want to tell you guys that, you are great. Asia'h Epperson loves you.

Of course, not everything is nice in the internet world. There are also blogger who claimed to show you how to make money online, but, all they did are just keep pushing affiliate products to you without actually showing you how to do it, and they are also people who claim to make thousands and thousands of dollar without actually telling you how they make it.

So, end of the day, you really need to open your eyes and see clearly, who is really the real thing.

Asia'h Epperson has been reading blogs for the past 1 year, come across many big blogs about make money online, including those A-Listers. To think that I almost started my blog in the same way of those blogs is really scary. I was almost sold on their idea, but luckily, somehow, I come across Vic and Griz site.

Now, these two guys is really the real thing. If you are serious about making money online, go to their site and read their articles. It won't cost you a single cents reading their post, and you judge for yourself are they showing you the way to make money online.

To be frank, I don't ever think that I will start blogging because I think I write lousy. If you go through all the previous posts on this blog, you probably agreed. They are nonsense, non value added articles, right? But, do you know that this type of writing can make tonnes of money also? I won't tell you how, you go to Griz and Vic site and read it yourself.

By the way, a bit disappointed that Asia'h Epperson is no longer on position 9 of the google search. Read on a SEO blog that Google has made some more Search Engine Result Page update in April, that's probably explain why the appear and disappear of my blog, Asia'h Epperson, in google.

Well, not too bad, at least it sits at number 9 for two days. Just pity that I forget to take a screenshot to prove that Asia'h Epperson was there before.

That's all for the day. Do come back and see how Asia'h Epperson is doing on the SERP.

Asia'h Epperson

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Play A Fair Game, I Hope All Other Do

It is very sad for Asia'h Epperson to get to know people who will do whatever, including using dirty tricks to achieve his goal especially through the internet. It never cross my mind that such people will go to such extent to make himself looks so disgrace to the society. You see, I have been trying so hard to make my way to be ranked within the top ten under my name, Asia'h Epperson. It is through my hard earned effort and determination and most importantly not at the expense of another's hard work. I never go around saying bad things about other people's work. I just work on my blog, trying to build links, and it is all about hard work when my blog, Asia'h Epperson, started ranking well.

But, someone out there try to sabotage Asia'h Epperson, whoever did it, you know it. Please remember, life is more than competition and if you want to play, play it fairly. If you out beat me in the game in a fairly and gentlemen manners, I won't cry foul. You must have did something worthwhile or good, then you can win the game, right? The original Asia'h Epperson will definitely appreciate the lost and salute the winner.

But, why go to such extent to sabotage Asia'h Epperson and announced to everyone that this is just a "friendly competition"? I never did you any wrong, did I? If I did, just tell me, post it in your blog, show it to everybody. But, why go so low just to win the competition.

I have very high hope on the people playing this game. I never ever think anyone will go so low to sabotage each other. But, I am wrong, I am totally wrong.

Yesterday, I found someone making comment using my name, Asia'h Epperson, on those blogs I go daily. I never make a big hoo ha about it. I just make a simple post about it, joke about it. He came back to my post and comment again, and I agree the point, friendly competition. No problem. I am in.

You see, Asia'h Epperson never go around sabotage others, did I? I never go to those blogs I go daily and claim that I am the original Asia'h Epperson, did I? I never ask the blog owner to delete away those comments, did I? What I did is open and fair, how I build my links, how I rank my keyword, you guys visit my blogs, can see it clearly.

Today, I found out that one of the high PageRank blog that I go daily, someone make a comment as Asia'h Epperson, but, put in a invalid link. As I am a top commentator for that blog for quite sometimes, it still show my name Asia'h Epperson as the number one commentator but the link is pointing elsewhere.

Alright, I am giving you the benefit of doubts that you don't know what happened. Let me tell you why. The top commentator widget used for Blog is using Commentator Name to count the total number of comments they make for the month. So, the last comment link will be used as the URL for that name.

So, when you comment using Asia'h Epperson also, that blog actually count your comment under Asia'h Epperson, but, because you are using a different URL and you are the last to comment, the top commentator slot that is suppose to be mine become yours. Got it?

So, if you guys are gentleman, want to play the game fairly and still want to comment on those blogs that I have been (I know how you find it there), use another name, called it Asia' Epperson Fan or Asia'h Epperson Blog or whatever you want, just don't use Asia'h Epperson on its own.

And I know who you are, because I practically go through almost 100 archived posts for those blog to find out that you are the last commentator using Asia'h Epperson but different URL.

By now, you should know who you are but I choosed to give you the benefits of doubts that you are not aware of the effect of your acts (being that you are not an expert) hence you never bothered to explain to me or leave a comment here telling me that it is a genuine mistake. I take it that it is really an oversight, but, the next time if I see it again, after making this post, you are aware and you have deliberately using such dirty tricks.

And don't tell me that you never saw this post or whatever, I am going to zoom it also.

P/S: If I go to a blog that you are a top commentator as Asia'h Epperson, rest assured that I won't use back the same name. It is about integrity and fair competition!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Okay, So Someone Followed Asia'h Epperson

I don't know how to put it in words, but, sometimes, I do believe strange things do happened in the internet world.

Yesterday, I posted about how my blog, Asia'h Epperson, suddenly ranked high on google for the keyword Asia'h Epperson, and to be exact, it sits at number 9 position. Then, someone leave a Anonymous comments on that post, without or failing to state his name and his url on his comments. I guess I understand his reasons and circumstances.

Today, as usual I visited those blogs that I read daily, those that I read their post daily and make comment, those blogs that I started to have some interaction, connection and relationship with, suddenly, I got a big surprise.

Well, out of the blue, I saw someone else commenting at those blogs and called himself, Asia'h Epperson. Haha haha, I knew it, when I make that post, someone would found out the way from Asia'h Epperson blog to all those blogs I go daily. And by following your link at those blogs, I know who you are.

Do you know why? It is because Asia'h Epperson has been to your blog before, not only your America Idol blog, but another blog you own and write, something with a fish..... hehehehe... oopps forget to tell you, if you go google your America Idol site, and click on cache, hey, your original post name appears there. Well, google take sometimes to update all their cache to reflect the Anonymous author name that you try to put on now.

Try it yourself, if you want to confirm Asia'h Epperson findings!

Well, don't worry too much and no hard feelings, this post is written just because Asia'h Epperson simply don't know what to write today. It is just another lazy Saturday and I thought of how internet can turn into, I can't stop myself from laughing...

Oh, and by the way, if anyone can help to stumble, zoom or even digg this post, I will be very glad.

And for those who don't know why someone else want to copy and follow the footsteps of Asia'h Epperson and also want to known as Asia'h Epperson, well, continue to log into this blog of mine and it won't be long when the original Asia'h Epperson make a post on the reasons.

Do come back to this blog, Asia'h Epperson, regularly and take care!

P/S: For the Anonymous commentator, so you are aware that I know who you are, well, feel free to come back to this blog and leave your comments with Asia'h Epperson as your name, my assurance to you for not deleting your comment. Look forward to hear from the 2nd Asia'h Epperson!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can Someone Tell Asia’h Epperson What’s Going On?

Now, I am getting more and more puzzled and I wish someone more knowledgeable about SEO and google can explain or enlighten me on it.

If you have read my post in end march on Asia’h Epperson indexed by google, and followed by the post where I mentioned this blog disappeared in google search, you will know why I feel puzzled and really crack my head over the whole thing.

If you don’t know about the whole issue, let me explain. I am trying to rank #1 for the search term Asia’h Epperson. It is because I thought is would be easier for my friends or whoever trying to reach me to find me easier as google is the number one search engine in the world. Logical? I think so.

As this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is a totally new blog which I created and start posting on 24th March, I really put in a lot of effort in several areas to improve my ranking. So, I was pretty excited about it when google found this blog and indexed it, but, that’s lasted only for 2 days. Two days later, it suddenly disappeared from google search and I don’t know why. I thought it was being put into the google sandbox, which a lot of blog mentioned it, but, just after two days, it is really strange, isn’t it?

Now, here come the excited part. Today, I do a search on the keyword Asia’h Epperson again and guess what? My blog, Asia’h Epperson, now is ranked number 9. Yes, you read it correctly, it appeared on the first page of google search result and it is currently ranked number 9.

Will it disappear two days later again? I really don’t know. This google thing is really giving me some excitement every now and then. I really cannot understand the whole logic behind it. I means, I really don’t expect the sudden appear, disappear and re-appear.

I know it is not a big deal about ranking in google and it seems like I have made a big hoo ha about it. But then, Asia’h Epperson is my personal blog, I definitely would like to see it rank much more higher.

Now, can someone tell me what’s going on really? This blog, Asia’h Epperson.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Fools You

My best friend, Kelly, called me last night after reading my last post where I blog about my decision to stop blogging at Asia’h Epperson. I can feel her sincere concern about me. She asked if there is anything that she can help, be it financial or life, she will try her best.

I feel very sorry about it and explain to her my motive behind it. Actually, it is a April Fool joke. If you are not aware, yesterday, 1st April is the April Fool Day. And, sorry for fooling you, Kelly, Asia’h Epperson isn’t going to stop blogging.

Well, how could I possible stop blogging? I mean, I really started to like this whole thing. Although most of the time, I know that I am writing nonsense or maybe just write anything that I can think of, I still feel excited about it. This is my personal blog and the feeling that I can do whatever I want with it and no one can interfere with what I am writing is really great.

In school days, whenever we are requested to write essay by our teacher, we need to carefully construct the sentence and make it look readable and good, with proper connection in between. If we don’t, most probably, we will get a bad grade and maybe need to redo. That’s really frustrating and tiring. Now, I finally enjoyed myself with this blogging stuff here.

I have also started to comment on some blogs that I read, and the conversation is getting interesting to me. I can express my feeling about the posting, make some points and I know that some of the blog’s owner actually visit my blog, Asia’h Epperson, after viewing my comment. Asia’h Epperson is starting to get some traffic and it is really fun. Now, it is a normal routine for me to post my article daily and then I will follow on to view other blogs and maybe post a comment if I feel like.

So, to all who visit Asia’h Epperson, keep coming back. This blog is definitely going to continue.


Asia’h Epperson

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Going to Stop Blogging

I know it comes a bit too early. But, it is probably the time now. I sit down and really think hard before coming to this conclusion. I have decided to stop blogging for a while. The situation is quite clear, I need to find a job, start earning some money in order to survive. I can’t get by without any income for too long.

The stats is actually quite discouraging, considering the fact that only a couple of people came by my blog, Asia’h Epperson, since it was created last week. I know it is still in a very early stage and I can’t expect many people to stumble into my blog. In fact, I don’t really have very big expectation on this blog, and my main purpose is to write something every now and then and in long run, hoping to bring in some money and make money online.

I experience the joy of seeing Asia’h Epperson get indexed by google and then seeing it gone in another two days was really a big puzzle to me. But, it was a really good experience as I can get a real feel on the blogging stuff.

But, reality kicks in. I need to double up my effort to get a job and move on. It is getting a bit frustrating to sitting around for too long without doing anything at all except blogging. Asia’h Epperson is my personal blog and most probably, I will continue to write sometime when I am free, but, I think most importantly at this moment, I need to put in more effect to secure a job and start to put some money in my bank.

In my whole life, I never really think that I am able to write and post articles on the web for people to view, and I really think it is amazing that I did it and yet, it is really sad that the period is so short for me. Granted, if there is more times, I will come back here and posted again.

And this is to my best friend, Kelly, who has given me the most support during this period, thanks, Asia’h Epperson will always love you.