Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SEO - Be Patient

It has been quite a long time ever since I last posted on this blog. I was very busy these days, with several online projects going on.

Just want to give some update on the status of this blog and those who are interested in SEO.

In the beginning, the purpose of this blog is to write about my daily life and my thoughts. But, as times goes on, I find that it is getting tough to keep writing here as I need to work on other online projects that helps to make me money and pay my bills.

And that is why I have not been writing here since last August. My other online projects is doing well at the moment and I was able to make a consistent income monthly. They have huge potential as I can see that traffic and dollars are increasing month over month.

Today, I would like to give a update of this blog. If you can recall, my goal for this blog is to rank high in the search engine for the keyword "Asia'h Epperson". So far, it has been bouncing up and down the search result, somewhere between page 1 and 2, or specifically, position 8 to 20.

Today, when I did a search again, surprise!!!! This blog rank number 3 in, of course, depending on your location, the result may be different; but, here in US data center, this blog is currently placed at the 3rd position.

The first two position is the official America Idol site and Youtube and it will take a bigger effort to do SEO and link building in order to overtake them. It is not impossible, but, need more hard work.

The 3rd placing comes as a big surprise because I have already stop doing link building for this blog since last year.

There could be several reasons behind this surge in ranking.

  • Those sites that rank above this blog might have lost some links due to whatever reason.

  • Google takes time to find links and somes links to my blog are not discovered in the earlier stages

  • Those links that I worked on start to get more authority and PR, thus increase the weightage of this blog in ths ranking

Ultimately, I just want to point out one thing. PATIENCE.

You need to be patience if you want to be successful in your online business or whatever things that you want to do.

This blog takes exactly 14 months to reach the above placing in search engine and imagine the kind of traffic Google can bring in when people started to search for Asia'h Epperson.

Most will probably skip youtube and the america idol officical site and comes to this blog directly as the perception is that this blog is more personal and mainly containing asia'h epperson information, whereas youtube will be mainly video and AI sites is cater to the entire AI shows.

This is not the only blog that I managed to rank well, but, it takes longer times than I have expected. But, it is okay, I am very patient.

And you should be also.

Till then.