Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Writer's Block

When I decided to start blogging at Asia’h Epperson, never once did I think that writing personal thoughts or life events is difficult. There are so many things to write about, I can write about family, friends, personal encounter, thing that happens on the streets, television, movies and so on. I never think that I will run out of ideas to post.

But, apparently, I was wrong. There are so many times when I sit in front of the computer, staring at the screen, rack my brain for something to write, but simply don’t know what to write. Sometimes, I have an idea what to post, but, somehow, those thoughts just cannot translate into words.

People called it writer’s block and it will happen to every blogger, it’s just a matter of when. So, the next time round you see that I don’t post for days in Asia’h Epperson, you know that I hit that patch again. :)

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