Monday, July 7, 2008

Google SERPs Update

When I first started to blog 3 month ago, I was very excited about practically everything about blogging. I read a few articles about why you should start a blog and learning the different ways about how to start a blog and finally, decided to start Asia’h Epperson on the free blogger platform.

The feeling is great in the beginning. I think every new blogger will feel the same as I do. There is always an urge to write new article and once it is posted, you will start thinking of what to post the next day. The next thing you know, you will be interested to find out who read your blog, who commented and then how is your keyword ranking in Google SERPs.

Where it used to be quite consistent in the past, there is a lot of uncertainty in Google SERPs for the past 1 month. Some called it the Google SERPs dancing. I have seen many blogs moving up and down the SERPs for their keyword ranking and similar scenario happened with all my blogger aka blogspot blogs.

Asia’h Epperson, this blog that you are reading, takes a roller coaster ride for the past one month, moving down about 100 spots and up to the top 10 again and now, dropping back to somewhere 20-30 spot again. My other blogspot blogs also swing quite wildly for some of the keywords which they are ranking well in the past. Strangely, my wordpress blogs are not affected yet. I am not sure if Google is targeting and cleaning up blogspot blog as I read somewhere that a lot of spam sites come from blogspot and that’s why the recent changes seem to affect blogspot blog more.

It is so unpredictable today. You may rank well in Google today, but the next day, you may well fall off the SERPs totally. And it can happen even if you have not done anything to your site, like posting or building links. Strange, but it is happening.

Looking at it, I think this trend is likely to continue for quite sometimes. It is really bad times for those blogs that depend largely on traffic from Google. As all the niche blogs that I have built mainly depend on Google to send me the traffic, I have seen quite a huge drop in both traffic and earnings from this recent SERPs changes.

Just hope that it will be stabilize soon.

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Anonymous said...

The same thing has happened to me. What do you think causes it?