Friday, May 23, 2008

Google Don't Like

I think many people like the site PostSecret? Isn't it.

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Since Frank Warren created the website on 1 January 2005, PostSecret has collected and displayed upwards of 2,500 original pieces of art from people across the United States and around the world.

The site, which started as an experiment on blogspot, is updated every Sunday with approximately 20 new pieces which share a relatively constant style, giving all "artists" who participate some guidelines on how their secrets should be represented.

According to Youth Trends' February 2008 "Top Ten List Report" PostSecret was the 10th most popular site amongst female students in the USA, with 7% of those polled naming the site as their favorite

But, it looks like Google started to dislike Blogspot blogs.

Postsecret used to rank #2 for the keyword 'postcard', when I started to write this post, it drop to number 5. Now, another check show that it don't appear in the top 100. Click this link.

And it look like they are not the only blogspot site that lost the ranking. used to rank top 10 for the term make money till two days ago, now no longer. used to rank top 10 for the term make money online, also no longer in top 100.

What's going on, Google?


I just did a check again and all the that I am tracking is all back to normal. I am not sure what causes the glitch yesterday. It look to me that Google is updating their SERPs and somehow all the blogs are being affected., and, and several others that I tracked, including all my blogs are back to normal again.

Hopefully it is not going to happen again. :)


I Hate Google! said...

Same problem for me!

I've got 3 blogs on blogger, they were ranking first for their keywords.

But all of them just get kicked out of Google Serps!!!

One blog of myne hosted by blogger hasn't suffered though because it has its own domain name.

I'll post here if I have more information.

Thank for your post: I feel less lonely in this hardship google is imposing on us...

Lumo said...

Hi! I just want to confirm your observation. Today in the morning European time, or slightly earlier, my blog,, has lost the ranking virtually for all keywords except for the words describing the whole blog - and I've been #1 for quite many frequent queries.

Similar behavior has been observed at other blogs - for example, I noticed that lost ranking for Garrett Lisi (query) with me. If you learn something, let me know, please - lubos dot motls at gmail dot com.

Lola said...

hey griz, why are you posting here? I found this post through blog search. Seems that we can only find blogspot posts if we search with Google's blogsearch. All blogspot blogs have dissapeared from web searchs, including mine, friends and competitors.
You should post this in your make money blog, so other people can reply and lead to a conclusion.
Sorry for my English :)

Denise said...

My data base is still showing Grizz's blog still on first page for make money and makemoneyinfo still on page one of Google.

Asia'h Epperson said...


Thanks for commenting. See my update above. It is back to normal now.

i hate google!, Lumo: Comment now if you still don't get back your ranking... I got back all mine.

lola: You got it wrong. I am not Griz. How I wish I got his knowledge on SEO, and make a big pile online.

Denise: I think it is back to normal somewhere before 7plus yesterday. When the time I checked, Grizz's blog only show up for "how to....", all other keywords are not ranked at all.