Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Asia'h Epperson - Amercian Idol Dream Ends

Well, what else can I say?

Asia'h Epperson was being voted out of the American Idol contest. I am not too sure that she is the most talented contestant, but, clearly, she is not the worst. It is a shame that she could not make it into the final 12 and was voted out.

I had been following this season American Idol closely and keep a very closed lookout for Asia'h Epperson because she is having the same name as me. All my friends are rooting for her, but, somehow, she simply don't have the luck with her. I meant she is pretty, sing well, the judges like her, media coverage of her father's death (more exposure, really, not insulting), but, she still get vote off, if it is not lack of luck, how to explain?

Although she couldn't make it, I still hope that she is able to score some record deal, hopefully, some people out there with the eyes for talent are able to spot and sign up Asia'h Epperson, else, we probably hear the last of her on 6 March.

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