Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Think Asia'h Epperson Is Happy

Do you think so ?

You see, happiness don't come everyday, we face things that somehow damn our mood daily. Maybe you overslept in the morning, and need to rush for work or school; maybe you have a big argument with your friend or family; maybe you can't complete your work on time; or anything.

But, I always make it a point trying my best to be happy daily. My best friend once commented about me. She said: Asia'h Epperson, how the hell did you remain so happy daily.

Well, actually, the secret is very simple. You either make it your day or ruin it. That really depend on what you want it to be.

Anything that is not smooth for you, try to think of it in a positive way. Anything that can upset you for the day, take it as another challenge throw to you by life. You don’t need to be too upset about these things, think of it this way, it will pass.

I know it is easy to say than done. But, just try your best. Life is too short to be unhappy everyday, if you don’t want to be a sucker, drowning in your sorrow or sad past, thinking about the unhappy stuff, you can change it.

I have been reading up a lot of positive stuff these days. I visited several self-improvement and positive blog, reading their articles and seeing how people commented about how they change their life by putting the points to practice. It is really amazing that people can change for the good and improve the quality of their live, just by reading those comments they left in the post, you can see it.

So, it really boils down to the fact that I mentioned. You are the only one, the main and only one, that can really ruin your day or make it another great day. How you react, how you live and what you want in life; it really depends on yourself.

If Asia’h Epperson can do it, so can you. Brace your heart, smile, tell yourself everyday is a great day, be happy and don’t worry.

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