Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Asia'h Epperson Is Not That Asia'h Epperson

My best friend, Kelly, called me yesterday after she visited my Asia'h Epperson blog. She is happy that I finally started blogging and read about my story. She was obviously in a very good mood, giving me some suggestions here and there about my blog, and although I don't really understand some of the things she said, I am still quite grateful to her.

You see, this is my first blog and it is quite a strange feeling to actually see that I have already created a blog and posting on it. To physically read it through a browser, I really can't explain the kind of excitement I have. Of course, this is just the beginning and there is still a lot of works to be done.

My main problem now is how to write and post regularly. I mean, I hate to go to school, so, I am actually quite weak at writing and it is a very big challenge for me at this moment. I hope that I can eventually write and post and maybe a few years later, when I look back, I can see part of my life events being documented here, in this blog.

Kelly was a bit concerned about one issue and that really kicks into my mind once again as I write this post. She saw the american idol wording on my header, saw me mentioning Asia'h Epperson, the contestant in the american idol and several related stuffs. She was worried that other people might think that I am trying to take this opportunity and build my blog based on Asia'h Epperson fame. Come on, Kelly, do I need that? Anyway, I don't really think this blog can bring me any fame, or help me make money online. So, what the heck?

Anyway, thanks for your concern, I really appreciate it. Well, maybe I will make a disclaimer someday, but, at this time of point, I think I have said enough at this stage and make enough clarification.

Well, I am Asia'h Epperson and once again, no, I am not that Asia'h Epperson you see on the American Idol.

Till next time we meet.


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