Monday, March 31, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Really Don't Understand Google

Yes! Google Do Loves Asia'h Epperson

If you have read my earlier post on Asia'h Epperson been indexed by google, now, here is the surprise. If you go do a search again for this blog, it is totally gone from google result pages. Why? I simply cannot understand. The fact that this blog appeared on google for only 2 days really puzzled me.

I looked around the internet, searching for some information, and apparently, I comes across this term, Google Sandbox. It seems like my blog, Asia'h Epperson, is being sent to the google sandbox and that's why there is no result found when I do a search on it.

What Is The Google Sandbox

Thousands of new blogs or websites appear online everyday and to google, they are totally unaware whether the site is a spam sites or not. So, the logical way for google is to put all the new websites under quarantine for a period of assessment, while Google access whether the site is spam or legit.

The main purpose of Google Sandbox is to target and remove spam sites, but, in actual fact, it is affecting all the new sites. With this system in place, it will actually prevent the new sites from blasting their way to the top of Google search result pages and overtake those quality websites that have been around for years.

Who Goes Into The Sandbox?

Well, in theory, all new websites will goes into the sandbox. But, in reality, nobody knows, because it seems like there are some sites that reported never been sent to the SandBox at all.

How Long Will Your Website Remain In The Google Sandbox?

It depends. There are certain factors that will determine how long you website sit in the Google sandbox. Explanation around the internet is that if your website is focusing on a highly competitive keyword, then it is likely to stay in the sandbox for a longer period. And if the keyword is not very competitive, then the duration will be considerably shorter.

What Do You Do If Your Site Gets Sandboxed?

Wait. There is no other way. You need to be patient for it to comes out of the sandbox.

So, What Now, Asia’h Epperson?

Well, for the time means, I will just keep writing and posting, hopefully, this blog will comes out of the google Sandbox soon. And my aim is still the same, that I am able to get listed on the first page of google for the search key word Asia'h Epperson.

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