Monday, May 26, 2008

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I Don’t Like American Idol

Yes, it’s true. Or to be exact, I don’t like the way the system works. I simply cannot tolerate the fact that those eliminated idols-to-be are more accomplished and talented singer. I don’t have much argument about the two Davids that show up at the final 2 in this season seven contest, they deserved their places; but, if some of those that are voted off much earlier on could have another shot and stay on, it will be much more interesting. And in my opinion, you knew, Asia’h Epperson deserved at least a place in the top 12.

2. I like to play Sudoku

Sudoku is a very wonderful game and if you don’t know what it is all about, checks out wiki. And if you want to play, you can try it at Sudoku online.

Some people like the game as they think it is another way to energize your brain. As it is a game with some logic, you need to think and figure out the number. There is another group of people who think that it is a waste of time to play the Sudoku. Maybe yes, maybe not. Anyway, I like this game as it is really fun and it needs some logic thinking and calculation.

Most of the times, when I am finished writing on this blog, Asia’h Epperson, I will play that game for a while before I shut down my computer.

3. I am very good at computer

I can easily assemble a basic computer system with all the spared parts. Installing software like operating system and others is relatively simple job to me. I learnt how to install and setup computer system 2 years ago when my dad’s PC break down and he shows me the way on how to do it. After that, I am hook and started to play around with it, doing some hardware upgrades from time to time. My current computer system is a self-assemble system by me.

So, I guess today you know a little bit more about Asia'h Epperson.

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