Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who Will Win America Idol Season 7

If Asia’h Epperson was to make it to the final 2, do you think she will win this season American Idol? Of course, it’s just a dream which will never materialize. Asia’h Epperson was already eliminated earlier on.

For now, the final 2 contestants left standing in American Idol season 7 is David Archuleta and David Cook So, in your opinion, who will be crown this season American Idol?

My bet was with David Archuleta. Going by the early indication, it looks like he is the clear favorite. He has earned rave reviews and from the deafening screams you heard from the American Idol audience, they obviously like him. He might just nick it.

Of course, there is no certainty. David Cook might be able to pull off an upset. For the past few years, or rather in all voting competition, there is always a trend that favorite contestant is being voted off as there will be many ‘sympathy’ votes from fans of the other eliminated contestants. And, those votes might be massive and outnumber the votes for the favorite contestant.

Not true? You just need to see those contestants that already voted off earlier on, Asia’h Epperson is one of them. Asia’h Epperson may not be the best in this season, but, she definitely deserved to move further instead of voted out much earlier on.

Anyway, back to the final 2. Will the next America Idol be David Archuleta or David Cook? Let’s just wait and see for the final result.

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