Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pack Light Or Pay More

It was reported that the largest US air carrier, American Airlines, would begin charging $15 for many passengers for their first checked bag, starting in mid June. What used to be a free service for all airlines will no longer be so as more and more airline started to charge for additional things in an attempt to battle the skyrocketing jet fuel price.

And almost nothing is complimentary on airlines anymore. We have seen increase in the fare, surcharges and fees for services and now, checked bags.

American is not the first carrier in the world to charge for checking the first bag. Spirit Airlines, a low-fare carrier with service primarily in the eastern United States; Ryanair, low-fare carrier in Europe are other that are charging passenger for their checked bag.

With American leading the way among major carriers, it is likely that other airlines will be tempted to follow suit soon, so, be prepare to pay more when you fly the next time round.

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