Monday, May 19, 2008

Make Money Online - The COWpetition

If you have read about one of my earliest post regarding Making Money Online blog here on Asia'h Epperson where I mentioned about all the controversy and drama in Make Money Online scene, I sign off with a note that there is more to come in Making Money Online, remember?

Okay, there is something brewing now on the Make Money Online scene. As you know, for the past 2 week, I was so busy with my other projects that I hardly post here on Asia'h Epperson and I almost miss out about this interesting contest between two MMO bloggers, Garry Conn and John Cow.

Initially, there are some interesting comments to and fro about the real identity about John Cow and whether Grarry is the man behind the blog. Then somehow, a challenge was being thrown and it was being escalated into a "friendly" contest to see who can build a niche blog that make the most money in 30 days.

Now, how to judge and verify which blog can make the most money? It will definitely be very tough to authenticate the earnings and so, after much debating, it was decided that both blog that was created will be listed on SitePoint at the end of 30 days and whichever blog that generated the highest sale win the contest. Interesting, right?

So, if you are going to ask, what’s so great about this contest that is worth mentioning here on Asia'h Epperson? Now, let me evaluate.

For quite a long time, there is a lot of argument and debate on Make Money Online blog. People question about whether does it really make money and does it teach people how to make money. Those questions have been thrown on some post in Asia'h Epperson as well. So, essentially, people are interested to know the whole process of how to make money online, from the start to the end.

So, in this contest between Cow and Garry, both bloggers are giving free "classes" to readers who are interested to see how they build the blogs, the entire process from start to end. So, if you followed them, they will show you how to create a blog from scratch that will make money online after 30 days. Interesting?

Okay, if you are interested to know more about how to, head over to their site and sign up for their class for the process update. I believe it will help you to gain some knowledge about the make money online process and also some valuable tips.

So much about the Make Money Online blog and contest. Do check back regularly on Asia'h Epperson.

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