Thursday, May 15, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Ramblings

It has been quite a while since I last posted here on Asia’h Epperson . The activities on Asia'hEpperson is quite low at these moment mainly because I have been busy with my other blogs, making post and building links.

The other reason is because this blog is out of the Google search result pages since my last post. As of today, by searching Asia'h Epperson in Google, this blog is still nowhere in the top 100 spot. I believe this blog is being sandbox, although I am not quite sure why it happens only now. Anyway, when that happens, the only thing that we can do is only wait.

I believe you are aware of the recent earthquake that happens in Asia Country, China. It seems like disaster occurs one after another. First, we have the devastating cyclone that hit Myanmar, now, we have the earthquake that hit China. If you have been following news, you can see how badly China is being hit by this earthquake. It's really sad to see those scene. God bless them.

For America Idol, finally, it is down to the final 2 and therefore, the rumors on the internet that there is an wildcard tour is probably not going to happen. So you won't be able to see Asia'h Epperson, the eliminated contestant, back on America Idol again.

So much for today. Will be back again soon.

Till then.

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