Sunday, May 25, 2008

Google Updating New Algorithm

On Friday I make a post about Google Don't Like, obviously, I am not the only one that found such dramatic changes in Google.

There is some discussion on Digital Point forum and it look like not only blogspot blogs are being affected, some noticed changes in keyword ranking for .info and domain as well.

Initially, there is some thoughts that Google penalize all these websites because people suspect that majority of spam comes from these websites, but, as the day passes, everything is back to normal. So, I think the most possible reason is Google is testing some new algorithm and not really wanted to flushed out all these site. Anyway, blogspot belong to Google, isn't it? There is no reason why they would want to delist their own blogger platform.

This blog, Asia'h Epperson, has been ranking in page 1 or 2 in Google for the keyword, Asia'h Epperson, for quite sometimes. During that period of madness, Asia'h Epperson was also missing from the SERPs.
One of my other niche blogs that is getting about 100 visitors from Google daily get no visitor at all as my blog is also being hit by the changes. From the first page listing on a keyword, my niche blog totally gone from the SERPs.

That leads me to think: We are so dependent on Google and any business that depends solely on search engine will go out of business anytime if Google penalize them. Of course, on a positive note, if you are doing the right thing, your site is not spam, then, not too much worry as it is unlikely that Google will simply penalize you.

So far, as of now, thing is back to normal. Business as usual. This blog Asia'h Epperson is still ranking in the top 10 for the keyword, Asia'h Epperson so I think that is probably a glitch when Google are updating their algorithm.

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