Sunday, May 4, 2008

What's Next, Asia'h Epperson?

Asia’h Epperson is the first blog I created and it was meant as an experiment into blogging for me. From the day it was created, Asia’h Epperson was always meant to be a personal blog. It contains various different types of postings; personal, America idol, make money online, positive and rambling. Basically, Asia’h Epperson was all about whatever things that came to the mind, I blog.

As time goes on, blogging becomes a daily routine for me. Through Asia’h Epperson, I came into contacts with fellow bloggers. There are some arguments along the way and I learnt many things from it.

Beside Asia’h Epperson, I created another 2 blogs and they are in specific niche. In the recent google pagerank update, one of the 2 got rewarded with a pagerank 3. I started to put up ads a week ago and apparently, they started to make some money for me. Although the amount made is small, it is still a big step for me as this is the first time I really make money online. I started to realize that it is possible to make money online, but, a lot of effort had to be put in.

As you know, I take a short vacation a few days back as I committed to shutdown day. While I was away from blogging for those few days, I think a lot about what I going to do with Asia’h Epperson and my other blogs.

Initially, when Asia’h Epperson was created, I had a very strong determination to move it up the SERPs and rank high for the keyword Asia’h Epperson. I do put in a lot of effort and while seeing it reaches the number 5 spot in Google, it fall later due to many reasons and apparently, Asia’h Epperson now sits somewhere in page 5 or 6.

Considering that fact that Asia’h Epperson won’t make me any money at all, whereas the other blogs already started to make money, most probably, I will put in more times to build up the other blogs. Although I will spend lesser time on Asia’h Epperson, I will not neglect it because this is the first blog I created and I learn a lot of things here.

I will review Asia’h Epperson again as time goes on and for the moment, posting will still be continue and I do hope that Asia’h Epperson will do well again.

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