Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is That All About Make Money Online Blog

Is there any truth in make money online blog really making money online? That’s the question being thrown up in the latest drama in Make Money Online (MMO) blog sales.

Now, if you are confused, let Asia’h Epperson give you a brief introduction.

Recently, Asia’h Epperson posted about some make money online blog being put up for sales and some people purchasing it as a ridiculous price. Then, Asia’h Epperson continued to explain why it is not advisable to buy these niche blog.

And that’s not the end yet, there is more exciting drama coming up as some posts is being thrown in on the blogosphere and many comments, hate and love, are being made.

First, Vic from Bloggerunleashed made a post about the sales and as usual, there are people who are not happy with Vic’s style of posting and so, John Cow came along and joined in the fun with a post himself and eventually, Garry Conn kicked in with his own opinion about the whole thing.

Vic and Garry shared the same view that people are buying MMO blog at too high a price, but, Cow, looking to sell his blog, obviously has a different view. Then, Garry and Cow thinks Vic is too harsh on his post and bash too much about the issue.

Vic, Cow and Garry, each have their own loyal readers and all throw their weights behind them and going through all the comments being made, you can see more drama. Names are being called, integrity being questioned, and well, even business partner are being implicated.

You go and read those articles and make your own judgment about the whole issue.

So, back to the question: Is there any truth in make money online blog really making money online?

Asia’h Epperson has analyze it before and if you are still not convinced, why don’t you go take a look at this more detailed article by Grizz. You should be pretty cleared after reading it.

Is that the end of the make money online drama?

Asia’h Epperson don’t think so. More to come. Just sit tight and enjoy.

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