Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can Someone Tell Asia’h Epperson What’s Going On?

Now, I am getting more and more puzzled and I wish someone more knowledgeable about SEO and google can explain or enlighten me on it.

If you have read my post in end march on Asia’h Epperson indexed by google, and followed by the post where I mentioned this blog disappeared in google search, you will know why I feel puzzled and really crack my head over the whole thing.

If you don’t know about the whole issue, let me explain. I am trying to rank #1 for the search term Asia’h Epperson. It is because I thought is would be easier for my friends or whoever trying to reach me to find me easier as google is the number one search engine in the world. Logical? I think so.

As this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is a totally new blog which I created and start posting on 24th March, I really put in a lot of effort in several areas to improve my ranking. So, I was pretty excited about it when google found this blog and indexed it, but, that’s lasted only for 2 days. Two days later, it suddenly disappeared from google search and I don’t know why. I thought it was being put into the google sandbox, which a lot of blog mentioned it, but, just after two days, it is really strange, isn’t it?

Now, here come the excited part. Today, I do a search on the keyword Asia’h Epperson again and guess what? My blog, Asia’h Epperson, now is ranked number 9. Yes, you read it correctly, it appeared on the first page of google search result and it is currently ranked number 9.

Will it disappear two days later again? I really don’t know. This google thing is really giving me some excitement every now and then. I really cannot understand the whole logic behind it. I means, I really don’t expect the sudden appear, disappear and re-appear.

I know it is not a big deal about ranking in google and it seems like I have made a big hoo ha about it. But then, Asia’h Epperson is my personal blog, I definitely would like to see it rank much more higher.

Now, can someone tell me what’s going on really? This blog, Asia’h Epperson.


zaki blogjer said...

Perhaps, someone has reported to google that you're using some else name as blog name

Whatever the reason, congrats again!!

Asia'h Epperson said...


Thanks for visiting and comment.

Actually, I just managed to find out what happens. I don't know that google have so many data center. My keyword only appear in some datacenter, not all. Maybe it will take sometime to sync to other data center.

Thanks for your wonderful blog. It helps me to rank well also. :)

Anonymous said...

dont worry some of us are close on your heals :)

Asia'h Epperson said...


Welcome to my blog.

I totally understand your comment. I won't stop my quest to rank higher for this, you know why and I know why.

At the end of the day, whoever rank higher, whether be it you, me or the other, I will still be pleased. Because the experience learned is very valuable.

Asia'h Epperson