Sunday, April 6, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Play A Fair Game, I Hope All Other Do

It is very sad for Asia'h Epperson to get to know people who will do whatever, including using dirty tricks to achieve his goal especially through the internet. It never cross my mind that such people will go to such extent to make himself looks so disgrace to the society. You see, I have been trying so hard to make my way to be ranked within the top ten under my name, Asia'h Epperson. It is through my hard earned effort and determination and most importantly not at the expense of another's hard work. I never go around saying bad things about other people's work. I just work on my blog, trying to build links, and it is all about hard work when my blog, Asia'h Epperson, started ranking well.

But, someone out there try to sabotage Asia'h Epperson, whoever did it, you know it. Please remember, life is more than competition and if you want to play, play it fairly. If you out beat me in the game in a fairly and gentlemen manners, I won't cry foul. You must have did something worthwhile or good, then you can win the game, right? The original Asia'h Epperson will definitely appreciate the lost and salute the winner.

But, why go to such extent to sabotage Asia'h Epperson and announced to everyone that this is just a "friendly competition"? I never did you any wrong, did I? If I did, just tell me, post it in your blog, show it to everybody. But, why go so low just to win the competition.

I have very high hope on the people playing this game. I never ever think anyone will go so low to sabotage each other. But, I am wrong, I am totally wrong.

Yesterday, I found someone making comment using my name, Asia'h Epperson, on those blogs I go daily. I never make a big hoo ha about it. I just make a simple post about it, joke about it. He came back to my post and comment again, and I agree the point, friendly competition. No problem. I am in.

You see, Asia'h Epperson never go around sabotage others, did I? I never go to those blogs I go daily and claim that I am the original Asia'h Epperson, did I? I never ask the blog owner to delete away those comments, did I? What I did is open and fair, how I build my links, how I rank my keyword, you guys visit my blogs, can see it clearly.

Today, I found out that one of the high PageRank blog that I go daily, someone make a comment as Asia'h Epperson, but, put in a invalid link. As I am a top commentator for that blog for quite sometimes, it still show my name Asia'h Epperson as the number one commentator but the link is pointing elsewhere.

Alright, I am giving you the benefit of doubts that you don't know what happened. Let me tell you why. The top commentator widget used for Blog is using Commentator Name to count the total number of comments they make for the month. So, the last comment link will be used as the URL for that name.

So, when you comment using Asia'h Epperson also, that blog actually count your comment under Asia'h Epperson, but, because you are using a different URL and you are the last to comment, the top commentator slot that is suppose to be mine become yours. Got it?

So, if you guys are gentleman, want to play the game fairly and still want to comment on those blogs that I have been (I know how you find it there), use another name, called it Asia' Epperson Fan or Asia'h Epperson Blog or whatever you want, just don't use Asia'h Epperson on its own.

And I know who you are, because I practically go through almost 100 archived posts for those blog to find out that you are the last commentator using Asia'h Epperson but different URL.

By now, you should know who you are but I choosed to give you the benefits of doubts that you are not aware of the effect of your acts (being that you are not an expert) hence you never bothered to explain to me or leave a comment here telling me that it is a genuine mistake. I take it that it is really an oversight, but, the next time if I see it again, after making this post, you are aware and you have deliberately using such dirty tricks.

And don't tell me that you never saw this post or whatever, I am going to zoom it also.

P/S: If I go to a blog that you are a top commentator as Asia'h Epperson, rest assured that I won't use back the same name. It is about integrity and fair competition!


gotafish said...

I apologize it was not my intent to create harm to your site. Honestly I'm doing this for fun and learning. I didnt realize the top commenter thing you mentioned and was not my intent in anyway to create issues for you.

Asia'h Epperson said...

Okay, don't worry too much about it.

As I said in my previous comment, I believe that you are not aware of the effect you have done to my keyword.

Let's move forward from here and I wish you all the best.