Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oppss... Your Comment Hurt

Yesterday, Asia’h Epperson got two very big surprises. The first surprise is that this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is being booted out of the top 100 spots in Google ranking. Then, later another surprise comes in as Asia’h Epperson received an email from one blog owner asking Asia’h Epperson to stop spamming his site.

Note: To avoid any misunderstanding, I purposely blank out all the email address, IP, url and person involved.

First, let me put the fact right. Asia’h Epperson hate spamming and would never do so and had never never ever spammed his site. Now, the blog that claimed Asia’h Epperson spamming his site is a very reputable and active blog in the blogosphere and has a very high page rank. So, do you think that Asia’h Epperson is so stupid as to spam that blog?

Definitely not. So, why is he claiming so?

After a few corresponding email with that owner, Asia’h Epperson finally understand why and let me tell you in details.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find out all the external links linking to any site, including this blog, Asia’h Epperson. If you don’t know about it, go and read the article on How to Replicate Your Competition's Link with SeoQuake at Courts blog.

Apparently, there are other people, using some other name, making many comments on that same blog in a short period of time and hence raised the spam alarm. And all the URL is promoting the America Idol contestant, Asia’h Epperson.

To be fair to the other commentators, Asia’h Epperson read through those comments, they are not spam. But, it just happens that within a short period of 8-10 minutes, there are 5 comments being made on 5 different posts. That's definitely looks spam to the owner.

Now, here, let me put the fact right again. While the other blogs is promoting the America Idol Contestant Asia’h Epperson, my blog is not the same thing. My blog is solely about my personal life and ranting about other things and it just happens that I am also Asia’h Epperson.

So, it comes back to a question, is there anything that Asia’h Epperson can do to control what other people do at another blog? Asia'h Epperson don't think so, then, why penalize Asia’h Epperson? Now, it is very clear that Asia’h Epperson made the first comment over at those blogs and if people followed, there is really nothing Asia’h Epperson can do.

Again, this is not the first blog that penalize Asia’h Epperson. There are another few blogs that simply removed the comments or URL whenever Asia’h Epperson comments. And really, Asia’h Epperson knows why it happens.

Apparently, a few days ago, one of the sites that promoted America Idol Asia’h Epperson is being booted out of Google and no longer in the index. So, it looks to me that maybe someone had complain to Google and that’s why my blog also seems to get the penalty and drop in the SERPs. Of course, there is no confirmation on it, but, from the way Asia’h Epperson looks at it, there is such a possibility, else, it is really hard to understand why the ranking drops so much in the space of 2 days.

Now, it is very hard to accept the fact that Asia’h Epperson is being penalized on something that not within her control, but, this is part and parcel of the blogosphere and really, life still goes on.

This post is made not to bash anyone, Asia’h Epperson just want to highlight that when you proceed to make comment on other blogs, although not your intention, but, it may still hurt other. So, practice due diligence.


Jenny said...

wow that really sucks. i'm sorry.

Asia'h Epperson said...


Thanks for stopping by and comment.

It's okay, life still goes on. I just got to keep working on the blog. :)

Bent said...

I also experience that thing often..just ignore it friend..keep writing ok..

Asia'h Epperson said...


I learn something from this incident and now, not too bother with it anymore.