Friday, April 18, 2008

Another DumbFuck Is Born

So another dumbfuck is born again. The fellow at Now, I am not going to link there. You guys go and see. After my post on Asia'h Epperson Facebook, she obviously thought that there is an opportunity for her to post something, and so, made up a post on Fake Asia'h Epperson Facebook.

Now, if you guys go Facebook and search, there is currently only one Asia'h Epperson and that's me. So why she is a dumbfuck. If you want to bash or make fun of people, get the facts straight. From day one I created the account on facebook, only friends can see my profile. If simply search, there is no way you can see my profile, so, either her friend from Singapore (as she claimed) or she herself is blind, stupid or dumb. Else, how the hell she claimed that all the personal information in it were wrong. Only a dumbfuck can see something different, right? Okay, let's said I added that dumbfuck as friend, in my profile, there is a URL pointing to my blog here and only a dumbfuck and stupid person will mistake me as the America Idol Asia'h Epperson.

And from where you dumbfuck get the information that there is only Asia'h Epperson on the world? Do you know there are how many Barack Obama, George Bush and Jesus Christ on facebook, go do a search, dumbfuck.

The dumbfuck also claimed there are a lot of fake Asia'h Epperson site, obviously, pointing the finger at my site. Now, if you are not blind, stupid and dumb, from my very first post, I already said that I am NOT THE Asia'h Epperson from America Idol Season 7. Again, someone commented on my blog mistaking me as America Idol Asia'h Epperson, my reply to her is that I am not. That dumbfuck should have read that, but, choose to ignore and bash me.

So, from the fact that that dumbfuck made only 3 posts in this month, Asia'h Epperson can understand that you don't know what else to write. Now, Asia'h Epperson give you some advice. Go write about when you wake up, what time you take breakfast, shower, walk your dog, go shopping, what color of your cloth. Definitely you can write something everyday.

Now, don't be a dumbfuck and write something that you can't even get the facts right.

Everyday there are about 30-40 unique visitors to my site and I know all are fellow bloggers writing on Asia'h Epperson, and that include you. Now, you dumbfuck tell me, who will google for Asia'h Epperson and reach my blog when google return the Official America Idol Site, followed by Griz's site and a few sites that wrote purely about AI. So, those visit my blogs is not fellow bloggers eying the same keyword, then who else?

Claiming that you are a pure Asia'h Epperson fan site is a joke. A contestant voted off and you started a fan site for her. Come on, get a life. Everybody know why suddenly there are so many Asia'h Epperson site popping up. Go write about Simon Cowell, maybe I will believe you. And, take out your EARTH HOUR post, that's got nothing to do with Asia'h Epperson fan site.

And I can see that you are following Asia'h Epperson to make comments on some blogs. Go ahead, carry on, you won't win the competition. Why? Now, let me tell you dumbfuck why. Since day one, I already make at least 200 plus comments, visit at least 100 blogs and at least 20 forums. You can see my backlinks is about 5K plus. Now, I went to first page in google sometimes back, just behind Griz, and you dumbfuck are still nowhere to be seen.

Now, my blog falls in SERPs. Do you know why Dumbfuck? Because simply commenting won't get you to the top. See how our fellow friend, Asia'h Epperson on Squidoo did? Now, he don't comment a lot, probably a few sites but he got a lot of solid backlinks, people like Vic, Frank, Justin helps him and plus his own linkfarm. All are solid PR3 and above blogs which seldom give out link love. That's precious. Weighted links. Now, you go take a look at Griz's Asia'h Epperson blog, similar scenario, all solid backlinks, that's why they are now on top and I falls behind. Understand, dumbfuck?

And, I tell you why I post almost everyday. I just started blogging, Asia'h Epperson is my first blog. Obviously, I don't have linkfarms, I don't have many blogger friends to help. So, I need to make a lot of comments, but, that's the best the site can go in google. So, I try to make a post everyday, hoping that in long run, all my posts are stuffed with my keyword and maybe, that will push this blog up.

So, understand dumbfuck, go find out more and get the facts right before bashing me.

And remember, shut up your big mouth and keep working on your site.


TR said...

Dude, I hope you'll calm down and check your blood pressure. I honestly meant you no harm!

I've already posted my "beware" post before I learned that you have an AE facebook profile thru your post here. Honestly, I didn't know you have an AE profile on facebook when I created that one.

If you checked the post well, I only mentioned a fake facebook profile (because I didn't know you have one) and so-called myspace "official sites" exactly because I was veering away at mentioning any blogs of fellow Griz readers. I avoided mentioning any squidoo or blogger blogs.

The play on the "fake" headline is an experiment on my part to see if negative reviews or headlines with the glaring words like "beware" or "fake" will make it faster to the front page. (Just following one of Griz lessons Ex. Payday loans) I planned on doing this way back. I didn't find any AE profiles on facebook that's why I went ahead and targeted it as I never wanted to infer any fellow blogger blogs especially yours since you took a different (although interesting) approach compared with the rest.

I hope I was able to clarify everything with you. I meant you no harm as I didn't know you created a facebook profile for AE. I never did refer to this site as it wasn't my intention. My intention was to test how a negative headline works. My post was not in "reaction" to your post about facebook as you claimed. I finished it before your facebook post. I would have never done it if I have read your post prior. I'm not like that.

Right after, I saw your post about an AE facebook profile I thought of contacting you coz you might misinterpret my post. I should have but I hesitated since I'm way way out in page 10+. Didn't think you read my blog.

Yes, I know that you have so many backlinks. I congratulate you on that. I admire your dedication. I actually cheered when I saw your site right after Griz. I taught you can overtake him the next day.

I sincerely hope that I've clarified myself. Please don't misinterpret that post. I planned it way back as an experiment on negative headlines and was not intended to bash you.

Faith Bowie said...

What the fuck! I swear, some people don't give two shits what stupid things they do! I can't believe someone would make a post like that! I don't blame you for not linking to the dildo.

TR said...

Hi, I've deleted the post just to show you that I seriously didn't want to offend anyone. Again, it wasn't made to attack you and this site. I have planned doing a post with a negative headline way back.

Not that it does matter anyway since my site is way way at the back of the SERPs for the AE keyword, I'm throwing my hats off this contest. I hope you and the one with the Squidoo site well.

Asia'h Epperson said...

@faith bowie: Thank for commenting. Sometimes people are not aware that some actions might cost misunderstanding. I am guilty of that before. Well, I am calm now. Thanks.

@tr: I was really pissed off when I saw your post and you can't blame me for making that post.

I give you the benefit of doubt by checking your post date and google blog search for your post. I can't find both.

So, I assume that my facebook post is made much earlier than your. And if you have leave me a comment much earlier, that will really help in reducing all this conflicts.

I do check out all other AE site once a week and I saw that you removed your post and honestly, you don't have to do so.

I accept that you really don't mean to offend me and this blog.

I just checked again, the squidoo site fall out of top 100 on google. It is a bit hard to understand why since my blog also encountered the same fate sometimes back.

Now, don't quite. Just keep working on your site and you won't know who will overtake Griz till that day comes.

Let's move on from here and I wish you all the best as well.

tr said...

Yes, I understand that you would misunderstood it as the timing and everything was really off. Should have contacted you earlier, just didnt think you were that fast to see my site.

I have only very limited time to spend on IM, that's why I'm quitting. At this point, I cant overtake you or Squidoo. I'd rather spend my energy on other niches and apply what I learn here.

I wish you well.

Asia'h Epperson said...


I can tell you that all the things that I have learned so far through Griz and Vic really help me a lot.

This blog is my first blog. 1 week later, I started another on a very high competitive niche and right now, I am ranking on page 1 of google for a particular keyword.

I considered that a big leap from where I started. I tell you not to boast but, to emphasize the key point that all is hardwork. I posted a minimum of 5 times a week, and worked a lot on getting backlinks.

I don't have money to buy those tools that Griz recommend for building backlink, so, I put in a lot of time to do it. I am talking of 10-12 hours daily. So, really, I would like to think that it is not coincidence that I rank well.

It is a bit awkward that we talk in this kind of circumstance and I hope you are not offended in any way.

I really wish that you can do well in your other niche, and if chance permit, maybe we can exchange some pointers someday.

Shanker Bakshi said...

If you want to avoid any such confusion in future then i must suggest you should write about yourself some more in "about me " section of your site. That will help people truely understand you as a person.

"Hi, I am Asia'h Epperson. This is my personal blog. Thanks for visiting." is very short introduction. please help us know some more about yourself - It will be much appriciated.

Happy Blogging - all the best
Thanks & best Regards,
Shanker Bakshi

Asia'h Epperson said...

Shanker Bakshi,

Thanks for your comment. Points noted.

I thought my first post sorts of explain a little bit about myself. But, I guess that probably is insufficient as I noted that seems like nobody click thru that post.

Will do something about it. Thanks.