Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asia'h Epperson And Make Money Online Blog

It is very common to see blogs or established websites putting up for sale and every now and then, we will heard of them being sold. Now, if you are not aware, recently there are a few Make Money Online Blog being sold at a very high price and it looked like the trend is going on.

The problem here is, will this Make Money Online blogs make money for the new owner? Did the new owner paid too much a price for this blogs?

Asia'h Epperson will take a look at one of the blogs and you make your own judgement. is the blog that Asia'h Epperson going to talk about. Now, if you have been reading blogs for the past one year, most probably you have heard of Bryan Clark blog. Now, the blog have been sold AGAIN for 10 thousand dollar. Yes, AGAIN, because it was the second time that Bryan Clark sold away this blog.

Interesting? Well, a couple of month ago, he sold away for 8K plus and as like most of the make money online blog, the new owner is not able to make any money over the blog and in the end, the blog was sold back to Bryan at a lower price. Now, this time round, someone brought it at a much higher price again and so, do you think it will make money?

Asia'h Epperson don't think so. Now, it is a reality that Make Money Online Blog is not going to make money for the new owner. There are already many cases, to name a few, SiteFever, CashQuest and OneMansGoal. It is amazing that people are still willing to fork out that kind of silly money to buy these Make Money Online Blog.

Now, ask yourself. If these blog is really making money or let's say they have hugh potential to make money online, will the owner sell them? Most of them put up the sale and claim that they have no time to manage and have other project. Bullshit. Totally Bullshit. I don't see that interacting with readers, making comment or making a post several day once is that tough. It is all about taking the quick money and run.

Asia'h Epperson can tell you that maybe a few months later, you guys can see that Bryan Clark is going to buy back his blog. Let's see.


Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Asia'h, Firstly I was a huge fan of yours from American Idol and my 8 year old son still talks about you and how you should still be there! I am a blogger with 2 blogs, one about healing pain naturally (as I have done of many chronic illnesses and chronic pain) and one recommending non-violent computer games to kids. The BEST resource I have found to learn about blogging and internet marketing for free is the Thirty Day Challenge -- the guys that run it are hilarious and have made millions online. Pretty sure it is Welcome to the blogging world and I wish you the best of luck. Gratefully, Jenny

Asia'h Epperson said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I need to clarify that I am not the America Idol Asia'h. If you go read my archives, you will probably notice it.

I have read the Thirtydaychallenge before. Thanks.