Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Funny Thing About Blogosphere

As you know, Asia’h Epperson had been reading some positive and self development blog lately and sometimes, it is really amazed to see the kind of cult followings some of those blogs can attract.

Today, Asia’h Epperson was reading one of the blog and for that particular post, Asia’h Epperson don’t think there is much value in it, but, strange enough, people just comment, praise it and some even link to it. That’s really make Asia’h Epperson understand why everyone is looking forward to be famous and being classified as the A-List. It is really straight forward, no matter what you write, whether it makes sense and helpful or not, readers will just comes by, comment, praise it and link to it. Why? Because you are famous.

But, is that what the blogosphere about?

Of course, Asia’h Epperson is in no position to discuss about it, but, really, it is funny enough for Asia’h Epperson to read and laugh. Now, there are closed to 200 comments on that post that talked about personal stuff. Can you imagine if those same comments on my first post or Asia’h Epperson facebook, won’t you fall off the chair?

That’s probably the benefit that those famous bloggers enjoyed. Asia’h Epperson had seen so many readers simply followed the famous blogger and clearly, they enjoyed, even nonsense.

Now, we are told by those same A-List bloggers that content is king. Write something that is useful to reader, things that will help them and don’t write simply because you need to post. Clearly, they forget to tell Asia’h Epperson that they are the exceptional. It is okay to write rubbish or personal stuff, provided you are famous.

Now, Asia’h Epperson don’t know about you, but, if that is the kind of post Asia’h Epperson is going to read weekly, then Asia’h Epperson is going to say goodbye to that blog. Give me a break please.


zaki blogjer said...

This is very true. Sometime the comment is not sincere enough. The motive behind it is to get some link 'juice' from there

But yeah, there are those that really enjoy the post and admire the blogger itself

Asia'h Epperson said...


I can tell you that it really sucks. When I read that, I simply cannot understand why people will want to link to it.

Hmm... just wondering why nobody want to link to my first post. LOL.