Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Fools You

My best friend, Kelly, called me last night after reading my last post where I blog about my decision to stop blogging at Asia’h Epperson. I can feel her sincere concern about me. She asked if there is anything that she can help, be it financial or life, she will try her best.

I feel very sorry about it and explain to her my motive behind it. Actually, it is a April Fool joke. If you are not aware, yesterday, 1st April is the April Fool Day. And, sorry for fooling you, Kelly, Asia’h Epperson isn’t going to stop blogging.

Well, how could I possible stop blogging? I mean, I really started to like this whole thing. Although most of the time, I know that I am writing nonsense or maybe just write anything that I can think of, I still feel excited about it. This is my personal blog and the feeling that I can do whatever I want with it and no one can interfere with what I am writing is really great.

In school days, whenever we are requested to write essay by our teacher, we need to carefully construct the sentence and make it look readable and good, with proper connection in between. If we don’t, most probably, we will get a bad grade and maybe need to redo. That’s really frustrating and tiring. Now, I finally enjoyed myself with this blogging stuff here.

I have also started to comment on some blogs that I read, and the conversation is getting interesting to me. I can express my feeling about the posting, make some points and I know that some of the blog’s owner actually visit my blog, Asia’h Epperson, after viewing my comment. Asia’h Epperson is starting to get some traffic and it is really fun. Now, it is a normal routine for me to post my article daily and then I will follow on to view other blogs and maybe post a comment if I feel like.

So, to all who visit Asia’h Epperson, keep coming back. This blog is definitely going to continue.


Asia’h Epperson

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