Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Will You Blog If You Can’t Write

Recently while reading some blogs, Asia’h Epperson came across a very interesting topic. The article questions about why people still blog if he or she can’t write well, meaning, basically, unless you have a flair in writing, you shouldn’t even blog at all because your article will be totally filled with grammar mistakes.

Asia’h Epperson can’t write well also, so, should Asia’h Epperson blog?

The question is a reality check for Asia’h Epperson because from the beginning, this blog, Asia’h Epperson, is meant to be a personal blog. Asia’h Epperson don’t expect many unknown reader to come here and clearly this blog is not going to Make Money Online.

So, should Asia’h Epperson stop blogging just because Asia’h Epperson can’t write well?

Asia’h Epperson don’t think so. Now, there is no requirement or entry bar to start a blog. Anybody can simply create a blog and start blogging in minutes. So, why hesitate and question?

There are many niche in blogosphere. If you are going to start a blog teaching people how to write article, proper English, of course, you need to write well so that people believe in your ability. Other than that, Asia’h Epperson don’t see any purpose why you must write well if you are going to start blogging.

Sometimes Asia’h Epperson finds it very funny that there are all this disturbing noises in life. You know, there are once when Asia’h Epperson had a conversation with this young lady who is a lawyer. Well, She told Asia’h Eppeson that she pity those lawyers who are not eloquent. She said why be a lawyer if you can’t speak well.

Well, guess what Asia’h Epperson told her. Asia’h Epperson simply reply: do you know that not all lawyers go to courts to fight cases? There are people who draft contracts and agreement, don’t you know. Well, that shut her mouth up. Young and Arrogant, right?

So, back to the topic. Asia’h Epperson will continue to blog, and Asia’h Epperson hope you do so. Don’t let all this silly question stop you. A blog can be in many forms, and no, no one should ever question you anything. It is your decision and rights.

Asia’h Epperson wishes you all the best. Happy blogging.


Anonymous said...

It's your blog; do with it
what you please.

Terry Finley


Asia'h Epperson said...


Thanks for commenting.

You are absolutely spot on. It's your blog; do with it what you please.