Monday, April 14, 2008

Asia’h Epperson On Don’t Buy An Existing Blog

Asia'h Epperson And Make Money Online Blog

Asia’h Epperson has been reading blogs for the past one year. There is no particular niche area of blogs that Asia’h Epperson won’t read. Make money online, self improvement, rambling, GTD, comics, blogging tips, article writing, business, you named it, Asia’h Epperson will have read it somewhere sometimes before.

So, what attracts Asia’h Epperson to keep going back daily and read these blogs? Well, the answer is very simple. It is the author, the topics of writing, the style and the relationship build up with the blog owner through commenting and interacting.

Now, some of those blogs will start to look for buyers within one year time. Asia’h Epperson had seen it many times. There are, of course no lack of buyers who look to buy into these blogs, thinking that they are making money and it is easier for them to start make money online with these blogs instead of starting a fresh new one.

It is a very wrong perception and Asia’h Epperson will tell you why.

Now, most of the times, those blogs that are being sold and bought by people are a one man blog, meaning, the owner is the only writer for that blog. Just like Asia’h Epperson is the only writer here at this blog. So, everything being written is the idea of the owner, from the design, logo, topics, posting to comments. All are by the owner itself.

So, readers that read the blog are basically being attracted to the blog by the writer’s charisma, the style of writing, the topics and maybe the discussion. So, unless the new buyer share the same characteristic of the previous owner, have the same ideology and maybe shared the same style of posting, writing, it would be a very difficult task to retain readers and attracts advertisers.

How many times Asia’h Epperson had seen those blogs that are sold and purchased fall? You know it if you are being around for a while in this blogosphere. Many.

Now, if you buy a blog for a couple of hundred dollars, it is okay. You can count them as money lose, not too hard feeling. Now, again, you look at those blogs that are being sold recently at ridiculous price, ten thousand or more, it really hurts.

If those new owner think that just by paying that kind of silly money and they can start make money online, think hard. Asia’h Epperson wishes you good luck. It is possible, but, Asia’h Epperson highly doubt it.

Now, if you go start a new blog and start writing, are you confident that you can get that kind of readers, money in 1 year time? If you don’t, what make you think that you can get that kind of income just by making a purchase of these blogs?

God bless you, never never ever pay too high for existing blog.

Asia’h Epperson hope you can hear me.

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