Sunday, April 20, 2008

Start Working on It

It seems like most of the time when we wanted to start working on something, we will hesitate and ended up never really start to work on it. We will probably tell ourselves: “okay, tomorrow I will do it.”

But, in reality, that day will probably never come.

There are many things in life where Asia’h Epperson really wanted to do, just ended up never worked on. During school days, my parents keep reminding Asia’h Epperson to do read up or do revision of the school work, well, most of the time, Asia’h Epperson just idle away the time and only right before exams kick in, then quickly pick up the textbook.

So, how many times in life we really got a chance to relive everything over again?

This blog, Asia’h Epperson, was created about one month ago. It was finally created, yes, Asia’h Epperson finally created it. The idea of blogging have been sitting in my mind for quite sometimes, but, most of the time, it will just flashes past and never really get into doing it.

Now, looking back, Asia’h Epperson might have just not created it at all. There is a lot of time when Asia’h Epperson pop up the same question: so, are you going to start or you are not?

It is really just sit down and worked on it. Any hesitation will actually stop you from doing it. Asia’h Epperson know it and you know it. Most of the time, when we really think again, we will most probably won’t do it. The amount of times putting in front of the computer is quite a lot. Really, it is just about sacrifice some of your personal time.

But, end of the day, Asia’h Epperson is glad that she did it.

So, what is the story between this?

Now, go and do whatever you think you want to do. Don’t hesitate too much. As simple as that. Hesitation will only make you wait much longer and you will probably never do it.

Asia’h Epperson knew it. You also, right?

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