Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Asia'h Epperson FaceBook

Asia’h Epperson has been getting invitation from friends a long time ago to join Facebook, but, never really bother to take a look at it. Last month, finally, Asia’h Epperson took a long look at the latest and maybe hottest social networking community and yes, Asia’h Epperson said: I joined facebook.

It is not an overstatement that facebook is the hottest community now, and it is ever growing at an astonishing rate. Well, if you have not joined them, Asia’h Epperson recommends that you go and joined. Take a look, search for your friends and you won’t be surprise if you find many of them. It is like everybody is on the community now. Asia’h Epperson actually found some friends that already lost touch many years ago.


So, what are the reasons why Asia’h Epperson think people should use Facebook or what advantage Facebook have that people should joined them?

You can interact with friends that you seldom meet up or maybe those that you already lost touch with. Now, Asia’h Epperson knew it and you knew it. It is impossible to meet up with every one of your friends or different group of friends every now and then, right? With Facebook, you can interact with friends easier, send message, poke them, send photo and many other things. That’s great, right? Also, you can join groups that interest you. Those people who shares the same interest as you or works in the same industry as you. You can easier do a search and interact with them.

Now, facebook is so hot that if you don’t know anything about it, you are simply showing a lack of knowledge on the upcoming technology trend. It would be good if you can just joined them, take a look and if it really don’t interest you. Just forget it. But, Asia’h Epperson guess is that you will probably hook on it.

Then again, many people are developing application on facebook platform now. Not sure which way thing will go, but, at the present, if you are adequate with skill on developing application on facebook, Asia’h Epperson do think there is enough opportunity for you to move far.

Asia’h Epperson already on, are you?

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