Saturday, April 19, 2008

Asia'h Epperson is Guilty, Are You?

Sometimes, it just take a little extra time or effort to clear any doubt and it really works wonder if that extra little bit of time is being put in. Asia'h Epperson Facebook, the post that Asia'h Epperson wrote a few days ago that created some misunderstanding with another fellow blogger, is the one that Asia'h Epperson going to talk about today.

The other day, Asia'h Epperson read about a post about the false Asia'h Epperson Facebook and obviously, felt upset as Asia'h Epperson felt that the post indirectly pointing the fingers at Asia'h Epperson and this blog. So, in a blur of moment, Asia'h Epperson wrote another post Another DumbFuck Is Born bashing back at the blogger.

TR, the other blogger, took the initiative to make some comments here clarifying that she don’t meant to offend Asia’h Epperson and she never know that Asia’h Epperson did have a facebook profile created and if she knew it, she would never make that post. Then, she took a step further and deletes her post that created the misunderstanding and although it is not necessary, Asia'h Epperson still appreciated it and that’s why Asia’h Epperson think that people are mostly nice and good.

Now, it is clear that there is some misunderstanding and Asia’h Epperson felt that if we both have put in some effort to make some contact and communicate, this kind of awkward situation can be avoided. Which lead Asia’h Epperson to think: maybe everyone is guilty of that at one time or another.

If a little bit extra time is being put in, there will probably be fewer conflicts between people and how the world might change because of that. Nobody can tell, but, it should be for the better.

Asia’h Epperson is guilty of that at times. If time can roll back, Asia’h Epperson might take the time to say sorry to a very old time friend. We no longer keep in touch due to some disagreement and it is such a shame that the friendship ended that way. And there are many other things, things that if we put in some effort, the outcome might be entirely different.

Asia’h Epperson is guilty of not putting in that little bit of effort and times, are you?

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tr said...

Thanks, I feel good that we're OK now.

I see this as a friendly competition and to be friends with the other fellow Griz and Vic readers is one of my goals. I think I have learned enough at this point.

I wish I have the time like you have. Yes, I see how much dedication you put in here.

Actually, everytime I go on a do-follow blog, I see you already have the "AE" keyword cornered as a Top commentator. LOL, you leave me with crappy "anchored links". I also don't have any tools yet so I also have to do it the hard way.

Wish you the best!