Monday, April 21, 2008

Asia'h Epperson Stop Checking Statistics

When this blog, Asia'h Epperson was started about a month ago, Asia'h Epperson was very excited about all the statistics related to this blog, things like google ranking, visitors, keyword, pages index, and many other stuff. Asia’h Epperson was very keen to know how the blog perform that twicely daily, Asia’h Epperson will check on the statistics.

Now, Asia'h Epperson thinks this is pretty common among new blogger, there is nothing to be ashamed about. In the beginning, everybody probably check all the statistics everyday. But, after a while, the interest will most probably wane off if there is really nothing impressive about the statistics that you are looking at.

Of course, if the statistics showed lot of improvement daily, you might get hook on and continue checking them. Asia’h Epperson just get sick at looking at the same statistics daily. Now, everyday there are about 30-40 unique visitors to this blog, Asia’h Epperson, and really that is not a very impressive figure. Of course, sometimes, there might be a sudden increase of traffic, like after the post on Asia'h Epperson FaceBook, but, generally, the traffic stay quite constant. But, considering that Asia’h Epperson is just a normal personal blog, don’t teach readers anything, and most of the time, probably only ranting about everything that Asia’h Epperson comes across, it is not that bad at all.

The only point that is worth mentioned is probably Asia’h Epperson have been sitting pretty good in google for quite a few weeks. It does bound up and down sometimes, but generally, it is either in page 1 or 2. So, it looks like google really love Asia’h Epperson.

But, since yesterday, the whole situation changed. Out of the blue, Asia’h Epperson falls out of the top 100 spots and although there is some slight improvement today, it is still nowhere near the high that Asia’h Epperson achieve for the past few weeks. That’s why sometimes, Asia’h Epperson don’t really understand google. Many people don’t understand anyway.

So, there is really nothing impressive to talk about anymore on Asia’h Epperson. But, to Asia’h Epperson, it is not a big issue, because at the end of the day, a personal blog is still a personal blog. Nobody will really want to read what Asia’h Epperson rants about, of course, unless Asia’h Epperson is famous. People will be willing to read what Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, Obama talks about, but, who really interested in Asia’h Epperson.

Well, unless those fans chasing after the America Idol contestant Asia’h Epperson and somehow ended up at this blog. God knows.

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